Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Chicken

You ARE a Spring Chicken

New scarf....old scarf

Spring must haves

You must smell this soap.....divine

   A Couple of years ago I was in St. Marten on a Mother/Daughter (3 mums + 5 daughters) holiday. One evening the resort staff were setting up for a beach wedding. Given all the daughters were in their early 20's, weddings were a fascination with them, and face it, who can resist seeing a bride. So we all gathered near the little beach pavilion for a discrete, but good view of the bride. The bride was to make her entrance from the top stairs of the resort, and make her way, on her father's arm, to the beach. It was a bit of a distance. When she finally made her appearance way, way, wayyyyy back, we saw a slim, very tanned, platinum blonde woman, in a very form fitting and elaborate concoction of a dress, with great pillows of cleavage bulging from the top of her dress. As she drew closer, we could see she was no Spring chicken. In fact, we were surprised to see she was actually likely in her early 50's, her skin aged and wrinkled by the sun like a well worn baseball glove. 

I am sure in her husband's eyes she was perfection, but I must admit I was a little amused, and very surprised. Don't get me wrong. I was thrilled that she had found love and was being married in her 50's and all that. But I've seen it many times. The proverbial Mutton dressed as Lamb (horrible expression) and heard uttered from my own lips...."she's no Spring Chicken". And it intrigues me. Do we lose our sense of appropriateness, or do we start to just not care what anyone else thinks at this point in life? Are we confident enough to just dress as we please and if it makes us feel younger, all the better for it? Now in my (early) 50's, I question my clothes more than ever before. Are ripped jeans OK for middle aged women? Red lipstick? Bold patterns? How about leopard print?

Each Spring and Fall I buy a new scarf to brighten my last year's coat. This Spring I'm wearing this bright light wool scarf that doubles as a shawl on chilly nights, and adds a pop of colour to a jeans and white T-shirt outfit. I pass my scarves on to a charity shop frequently, but one that has stayed with me for at least 10 years is this animal print scarf. Just as I love a little animal print in the house on a pillow or stool, I love to wear bit of cheetah, leopard or zebra. I do wonder if one day, I will throw caution to the wind and be one of those older Florida ladies in shiny pants and a leopard jacket with hot pink accessories. With my kids scolding me and saying "Mum, you're no Spring Chicken!"


  1. This is such a great post! I see women exactly like that here in Dubai all the time. I think the 40s and 50s are an awkward time - too old for Forever 21 but not old enough for TanJay! I know someone who was in her late 40s with a 15 year old and they used to shop together all the time. The ridiculous thing was that they wore the same types of clothes - tunic dresses with leggings - it looked ridiculous!

  2. Chania . . . I am in love with this post. I wonder. . . I am no "spring chicken" in reality at almost 74 . . . but does it mean I have to give up my boots and bangles . . .

  3. I work in the fashion industry and I can tell you - without a doubt they we are sorely in need of a " line " for women in their 50's - fashion caters to the young, period - and then the next step is " older woman " there is no middle ground at all..................
    Although I DO think older women can wear red lipstick - never realized in my 50's there were fashion taboos for lipstick? ( I don't wear it because I don't like it on ME - but plenty of my friends do and look gorgeous !!! )
    Ripped jeans and animal prints, not so much lol

  4. I know right about the time I turned 50 (I just turned 56), I just didn't give a damn anymore. Someone didn't like what I said or how I dressed (which is VERY casual), then to hell with them. I think we reach our pinnacle of pleasing people up until that age. Then we're tired, menopausal, and to hell with it all.

  5. I say good for her! I try to dress my age (sort of), but acting my age is difficult. I sometimes forget I'm not a 20 year old and should not get excited about certain things. I've been AWOL for a bit. No baby yet? Going to check back in your old posts!

    I see a lot of "older" women in CA that just make me shake my head and wonder, why? But it's their business! And it's California! Ann

  6. I know exactly what you mean Chania - I adore clothes and I love fashion, but now I find myself really stopping to think and question whether something is suitable for me, or not. The last thing I want to be is that proverbial mutton, especially with a 13 year old daughter, but I don't want to be an old fuddy duddy either!

  7. Haha! That's funny. Shiny pants.
    I think everything in moderation - ripped jeans with something more conservative balances things out. (I'm not a ripped jean wearer but I know it's a trend).
    I think ultimately it's about how comfortable you are in what you're wearing. If you feel good in your skin and your clothes then you are gonna look fabulous.
    Great points you make.

  8. I think it all depends on how you "work" it. Ripped jeans are a bit harder to work in your 50's. I have to laugh because every summer I find my head turning to the older women still sporting very tiny two-piece bathing suits. They often have signs of excessive tanning which has led to excessive wrinkling but they look pretty darn happy in their little 2-piece just the same.
    I am not sure I really care what the "rules" are in this case and if there really are any. I think you need to recognize what makes you feel good and if it feels appropriate to you then probably it is appropriate given your character and who you are. I never felt good in mini skirts when I was 20 and I certainly have none in my closet now at 53. I love lipstick and will continue to wear a variety of lipstick colours for a long time to come.

  9. I think a lot of us are in denial about getting older. Some refuse to admit it. I have an older sister who will have nothing to do with getting older...and at times it can be embarrassing. It can be a real shame to get stuck in this fear of aging.
    Anyway, I am no spring chicken for sure like your first photo! Cute!

  10. This is a delicate call Chania. I had a friend a long time ago whose mother had never given up the 60's style makeup and know, thick black eye-liner, matte foundation and blue eyeshadow, white bleached/teased hair. I met my friend and her mum at a shopping mall recently and it actually, literally took my breath away to see her mum's aged face in all this dated makeup...truthfully, she looked like some ancient hooker. It serves us all well to get an independent opinion on our 'style', every now and again, especially if it's one we have hung onto for a while.
    However, that said, I love a splash of animal print too!


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