Wednesday, March 27, 2013


My flowers are looking a bit rumpled.

Bits by my bed

I wanted to thank everyone for the lovely best wishes on the birth of our Grand daughter Emma. It's very touching to receive so many heartfelt congratulations from the people that read my blog. Over the years it does seem that we all get to "know" each other, and share the ups and downs and daily grind with each other. I really do appreciate the friendship. Working for myself and primarily by myself, can be lonely at times. Although when shopping for clients I have come to know the Decorating Center staff, the upholsterer and drapery work room etc, most of my day is spent alone. Calculation quotes, sourcing stuff, paperwork and of course the online shop. I have no co-workers to socialize with and chat with at lunch because I work at home. So, I take breaks and when I do, I visit my favorite blogs. Over the years, the people i have met and chatted with have become friends. They email if I am missing for a while, they confide things, they share and give advice. I've cried with some of their news and been elated at others and had good belly laughs with several. I couldn't live without my blog friends. They are my coffee break pals.Thank you for that.

I'm am having my website redesigned. I am being asked by the designer my preference for fonts, graphics, layout and overall feel. One designer that I interviewed got the impression that I was very Art Deco and 1940's which surprised me. Not the look I want at all. When I had to finally put on paper the overall feel of my new site as a reflection of me, I told her I was part Shabby Chic, part vintage, ethnic,bohemian, with a bit of a colorful rumpled feel. We shall see how she interprets that.


  1. wunderschöne dekoration, ich liebe die farben!!! alles liebe und frohe ostern wünscht angie aus deutschland

  2. I didn't know Emma had arrived!!!!!!!! ( been over the top busy with a client )
    Oh Congratulations to you Chania - and please please give your son ( and his wife of course - but I only met him lol ) my biggest
    congratulations as welll!
    I am so happy for all of you!
    Much love,

  3. Chania
    Do you have a cleaning lady?
    Your place always looks Devine

  4. Lovely thoughts from you Chania . . . I liked thinking "coffee break". . . I cherish that time too.

    I think Shabby Chic, a bit vintage, ethnic and bohemian pretty much does it. Art Deco, 1940's probably not.

    I like the new font very much . . . even though it is a bit difficult to read.

    I make my flowers last longer by cutting the ends to refresh and taking off some of the leaves and add some fresh water. Sometimes I do that two/three times, also changing up the containers, sizes etc . . .

    Love the "little ones" name . . . Emma seems to suit her just fine. Enjoy these first days with her . . . Love, Lynne

  5. Your post really made me think. Our style is completely different, but your blog is one of my favorites. It is a refreshing look at life. Until you, I really disliked the Spanish style homes. You made me see the beauty. I still wouldn't buy a Spanish style home, but now I appreciate them. Then I sit here trying to think of words to describe your style. Classy - I don't know how you can take such simple everyday things and make them look like a millon dollars. Clean and sleek, but rumpled enough to be very comfortable. Bohemian is very true. You manage to take things from different realms and tie them all together. I'll never forget how surprised I was when you had the antler. I loved that you saw the beauty in it. I'm anxious to see your new blog. It will be like having a coffee break at a new cafe:) Hope you get to see the little one soon. I'm sure you are anxious.

  6. Look at that bed and that lamp. I think I could sleep very well in your house.

    Looking forward to the blog redo.

    xo Jane

  7. Can't wait to see your new look to reflect the look that is you - a lot of crestive goodness pulled from many different styles. I always refer to my blogging buds as "friends" when i refer to you all in conversations. Without you all life would be less sweet and duller. Bet u can't wait to hold Emma. Soon! Ann

  8. What a lovely post! Lovey images too. I know what you mean about bloggers being friends and it's funny when you meet them in person, how close you instantly feel to them. It's a great thing!

  9. Lovely post. Your blog is one that I always look for each day when I check in. If it's missing for a few days I feel a little bit of withdrawal. I don't know why but it doesn't matter because what you share always brings some emotion up that lets me know the depth of not only myself but what you share. And your photos are always beautiful. xo

  10. They may be a little rumpled (great choice of word - I often feel rumpled myself!) but don't you think that flowers like these still look so pretty? And I bet the freesias smell beautiful. Congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful new granddaughter ! How very special, and oh yes, I bet leaving Montreal after Easter was tinged with sadness and all sorts of new emotions. So much to look forward to Chania! Amanda xx


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