Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Photo Challenge

This weeks challenge was to photograph something that showed
the use of repetition, either on its own, or used as an element of design.

I chose to show it as a design elelment. Repetition is one of the core elements of design.
Repeating an element in a room or vignette or even  the fascade of a building
gives it

  • Balance

  • Energy and movement

  • Rhythmn

  • Continuity
This room above was photographed in an Toronto Bar.
A series of tall thin windows flanked the one wall.
Here the designer has divided the bench seats,
Hung panels of drapes
Pillows, pillows pillows.
A row of tables, nicley lined up with the pillows
A candle on every table
A glass wall with glass horns for vases with fresh roses.
You can create symmetry in a room that lacks it, by using repetitive elements.
And a series of chandeliers inside square ceiling recesses.

If you wonder why it matters, picture this room with a few tables of varying sizes, an assortment of pillows tossed on the bench and flowers on one table, a candle on the next. The use of repetition here makes it smart and edgy and modern and fresh.

I know that was more than one photo, but I wanted to show the whole room.

Next Weeks Challenge for September 3rd.

Photograph an egg or eggs (in it's shell) in any way that you find artistic.
Eggs can be hard to photograph, especially a white egg on a white background.  (a good test of your lighting skills.

Have fun

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  1. Might have missed the message a tad here Raz...just took the word Repetition, not Repetition in design...but, what the hey, it was fun anyway!

  2. what a gorgeous bar...i'd love to hang out there and have a dirty martini surrounded by such a beautifully designed interior...such ambience!! wonderful repeating elements, indeedy. like you , i have posted more than one seems impossible for me to do otherwise. have a good weekend and thanks for hosting!

  3. Beautiful bar Chania...just out of curiosity, which one is it? Might poke my head round the door next time we are up to town.

  4. What great photos Chania! That bar looks amazing!

  5. Beautiful example of repetition!!! so important in design and for a sense of formality.
    ps....may try the egg challenge next week. I certainly have a lot to choose from.

  6. I'd done my picture Chania and then couldn't access your blog post last night. Oh dear late again!!

  7. Your photos are lovely. I have been ill and am posting things already set up. Eggs. I recently took an art class and almost stabbed myself in the eye over drawing eggs! olive♥


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