Friday, August 20, 2010

Photo Challenge-PINK

Today is the first of what I hope to be a weekly photo challenge and Blog Hop.
Each week I will give a Word, Theme or Idea and participants will take a photo that conveys their interpretation of the theme.  The idea is not a contest, but a way to think about a topic in a new way, improve our photo skills and composition and to have fun seeing everyone elses "take" on the idea.
I have added a McLinky and instructions at the end of this post.  Plus next weeks Challenge.

You can add an explanation of your composition if you like.

This week the word was PINK. 
 I picked it because many people hate pink, think it a silly color.....Tacky, Childish, not Serious.

Shot with Nikon D3000 DSLR.  Unaltered.

The photo I took for this challenge is not the one I ended up using.  (problem with computer) so I had to pick an existing one.  Sorry if you have seen it before.

This photo of mine was taken at my shop.  I am one of those who loves pink and use it for my business logo.  But I want it sophisticated and elegant.
An ornate silver tray is juxtaposed against a very worn and scrubby table.  Embellished with a glittery Eiffel Tower ornament and a couple of seashells, this picture has lots to see.  The engraving on the silver tray and scrolled edge are clearly visible, a little crown stamp and French Ribbon add interest, drawing the viewer to look closer. The soft pink of the inside of the seashell bring a very neutral picture to life.  If you try to imagine this with another brown shell and no pink, the image would be dull and lifeless.
To balance the pink of the seashell, I added 3 pink candies. 3 seems to be a magic number in design.  One is not enough, 2 is too symmetrical and 3 has the right balance.

Next weeks Photo Challenge is


In design or art, repetition gives movement and energy to a picture, vignette or room.  Repeating elements and the way they are repeated can make a picture very dynamic.
Capture the use of REPETITION with your lens.  To be Posted on Friday September 3rd.

Add your link for the PINK Challenge Below. 

 Here are the steps.
Create your post showing your photo and explanation on your blog.
Click View Blog to see your own blog.
Click on the title of your photo post
Copy the URL for that post (top of screen will look like
Go to my block and click here on the McLinky and paste the URL you copied in the McLinky.
It will prompt you to add a thumbnail picture.


  1. Hi darling...beautiful pink picture !!!...their is a translator on my blog...maybe that can help you.........happy Ria.....

  2. What a good idea. I'm hoping Tom Stephenson will rise to the occasion so that we can see his take on Pink.

  3. Oh no, I see now, this one is over. I was away for a week and missed all the pink excitement! Oh dear.

  4. Hi Chania, thanks for this wonderful challenge. Speaking of being challenged I have had to shut my pc off and come back or I would have commented earlier. Your shell photo is lovely and I recently started picking up silver pieces so you have inspired me. Have a terrific weekend. olive♥

  5. Oh this is so exciting -am new to your beautiful blog- fun...


  6. This was really fun for me. I love your photo with its mix of spohistication and sweetness. Thanks for playing hostess!

  7. hi chania,
    great photo...i almost included some pinky shell shots too! you know me and the beach! thanks for hosting.
    have a good weekend!

  8. Loved the photo you chose! Thanks so much for hosting this too! I'm already super excited for the next theme! :D

    Have a great weekend!

  9. This has been alot of fun! I can't wait for next week's theme. Thank you! Kit

  10. Chania, are we skipping a week? Kit

  11. Thank you for the challenge, Chania! I hope you're having a lovely weekend!

    : )

    Julie M.

  12. Hi Chania
    Thanks for hosting.. I have fun immersing myself in pink...
    Will be back soon to visit the others.. Have a great weekend.. xx Julie

  13. Hi Chania, thanks for this weeks challenge, it was fun. :) Tamara

  14. Chania - I was out all day Friday. Finally cracked it - like this a lot :0)


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