Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Odd Bits

                  I found a few interesting Bits last weekend in my favourite haunts around the cottage
I rushed over to this little pink step stool the second I saw it in the shop. Threw it under my arm and hugged it warmly.
Then There were 2 of these peely windows with gorgeous rolled glass.....and a green mason jar for penny candy and some white ironstone hotelware plates. 
The bedroom needed something to take away the "sweetness" a bit, so I hung one of the Peely Windows above the bed.
The stepping stool could be used as a side table, actual steps, or a way to get into my bed which has taken on Princess and the Pea proportions.!
I also found 2 of these interesting bar stools.  I would say 1950's but I am not sure (Tamarah, help me out here).  One has been treated to a spray painting of copper shiny paint.
I keep wondering (as does Blake) where all this stuff is going to go.......  I am constantly working on areas of the cottage and things that no longer suit will go on sale in the shop.


  1. Alright! Another fruit jar! They are so fun.

    LOVE that bar stool.

    And the peely windows.

    But I'd love the step stool a whole lot more if it wasn't know me.....


  2. Oh I'd have hugged that pink step stool too if I'd come across it! I love all your finds and can't imagine that many of them will find their way to the shop! What a shame! I love that your bed has taken on princess and the pea proportions. Sounds brilliant Chania.
    And thanks so much for your lovely comment over at my blog. You made my day!

    I am sorry....I was out of "sorts" with the award...I do not follow them. Getting the award threw me out of sorts. I know it is an Oxymoron, I have a blog but don't like being the center of attention!

    But that does not mean I don't appreciate it!!! Thank you VERY MUCH!

  4. I like your pink girly room.
    I have a bedroom upstairs that is DONE...but keep forgetting about it because I NEVER go in it. How bad is that. I could have done a post about it months it is the only truly finished room in the house!

  5. I adore pink so you know I just love that shabby pink stool and would have hugged it at the store myself. It looks great in that room with the chippy frame. I thought it looked great before but looks more distinctive now.

  6. hi chania, thanks so much for your sweet comments. surgery went fine and i am good to go, at least for another year. just going through the reconstruction phase, i would say it is nothing compared to my first surgery. thanks for always being an inspiring blogger friend! verbena cottage

  7. Chania love GORGEOUS finds as always....ESPECIALLY the chippy frame above your bed.... ** swoon **

    ...hmmmmmm....The stool does have a 50's vibe to it....Are you able to send me a quick pick of the underneath of the seat if you have a mo....? Either way it's a YUMMY piece & looks lovely in your space....!

    Cheers for a bit,
    Tamarah :o)


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