Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Muted Pallette

I came across this pretty little handpainted lidded jar in a thrift shop, and thought it would be a very pretty gift filled with lavender.  The colors are so muted, but gorgeous.  There is a soft brown and a pale greyish mauve......I found this little flower in the garden and thought the colors went beautifully with the jar and was especially simple and pretty with white ironstone. It has little "puffs" of pale mauve, grey and cream with little lacy edges.
The old door knob came from my kitchen island project.  I think the worn smooth old metal is gorgeous, and I find it interesting enough to leave around as an ornament.  My husband stumbled upon me while I was photographing it.  "Isn't it beautiful?" I said.  His reply...."Chania, it's a door knob"


  1. That is so adorable Chania! I can imagine my hubby saying that to me too! The little treasure you found is lovely and I love the collages you have put together. I especially like the first photo. xx

  2. Funny how men can find so much beauty in wood that they won't even paint 70's paneling, but fail to see the beauty in something as simple as a worn door knob. Well, I for one, love it!

  3. What could be more beautiful that a hand-rubbed, hand-loved doorknob. Just think of all the lives that made it that soft to the touch!

  4. Hi Chania,
    I love what you are doing with the beach house. Makes me want to move in! Lovely!

  5. Sounds so pragmatic...sound so much what my husband would say about a door knob! LOL

  6. hahaha! but it's a PRETTY door knob!

  7. sometimes the men folk just don't get it. so they go golfing. i, myself just love the doorknob! your beach house is looking so stinking cute...i could move right in! hope you're having a good day!
    i wonder what flower that is...

  8. Love the door knob, Chania. And I always prefer things simple and that we can find in nature. I just got some brenches and I'm doing a ladder myself. I found them on the ground...
    Wishing you a wonderful week and lots of sunshine in your heart!
    Li :-)

  9. This is just stunning. I love that vase. Lavender is also beautiful. Love your blog!

    xo Marcie

  10. Chania, love everything of course but esp love your post layout!

    Chania, it's a lovely doorknob. MEN!


  11. Hi girl,
    Hey Chania, your muted pallette has my heart, of course it would, I did weeds in a bottle and I think I have that same door knob :)

    The paint finish on my art frame post you asked about...well you strip it down leaving some of the old finish on it gold tones and such. Then a bit of hand sanding will age it a bit more, as well as adding streaks of paints in tone of old whites, and putty grays, then apply the paint in areas of desire and fog it then you need to lightly sand it off in places of natural aging.
    Really there is not special paint it is a combination of mixing and blending and high-lighting the area's like a canvas.

    Don't worry about mistakes, a mistake will be your best desired look to the art as you sand off :)

    Wish we were close I would have you painting in a day :)
    Thank you Chania for your visits and passion.

  12. Ah ah ah! Chania! that's what men always say!!!! I love the idea of filling that old adorable jar with lavender!


  13. Lovely, I really like the muted tones. Husbands just don't get it sometimes do they. Never mind, we all do.

  14. Hi Chania....A GORGEOUS group of pics for me to 'fall into'....LOL....I SO hear your husband in my minds eye....While I can't remember Mr SVJ making a particular "....it's just a..." comment, his eyes & brows have told me on several occasions what he was thinking when I've rabbited on like a nut about a piece of distressed wood I've found on the curb or nattered on about the 'perfect' rust on a galvanised tub I've found....hahahahaha....!

    LOVE your post layout....!

    Tamarah :o)


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