Friday, June 25, 2010

Faffing Around - Day 3

It is Day 3.  It rained in the night which was lovely and cooling and everything looked fresh outside at 5 am when I was standing in the garden with Gracie in my nightgown.  There is a skunk about so I have to create some noise when we go I have been shaking a tin of stones which is very irritating when you are half awake. 
Did not have the "Resort" breakfast, and decided to get to work early on that 2nd bedroom.  I am right into the painting and have the trim almost done when my neighbor knocks.  I answer the door with my hair wild, paint on my arms, goofy pants and jam on my face. (noticed that later).
Apparently I had forgotten an "old bucket" at the side of the house and the rain dripping on it had disturbed her.  She was quite irritated and mentioned it was the second time I had left something under the eaves that kept her awake. That's no "old bucket" but my vintage sap bucket, part of the decor, enhancing the vintage cottage vibe.   I promise to move it and don't give her the jar of homemade jam I had set aside for her:)
I spent a couple of hours faffing about with this old metal cabinet I purchased at a garage sale.  I tried it all over the place and settled on the kitchen by the fridge to store platters and jam jars and ugly things like the fire extinguisher.
The painting is finished.  Now I need to put everything back and pretty it up.
I collect these old shell boxes and have moved a couple over here.  I had a few peony's in the garden, picked them, plus one from the complaining neighbors side for good measure :)

Spent the evening chatting to a boater about his life re-entering the dating game after 30 years of being married (lost his wife).  Amazing what people will tell you if you don't ask.


  1. I love your early mornings Chiana...but I'm happy not to hear your rattling those stones!
    Pretty cabinet!

  2. Hello Chania....!

    You won't know yourself when you get back home you'll be so relaxed....hahahahaha....I'll have the homemade jam you WERE going to give your neighbour....!!

    I LOVE the sound dripping water makes as it falls into a metal bucket but can understand it may not have the same soothing effect on someone else....A little like whale song hey....LOVE me some whale song....VERY soothing....!!

    I'm off....The chardy is making me ramble....hahahaha....!!

    Cheers lovey & have a WONDERFUL weekend,
    Tamarah :o)

  3. It's good to have a faffing about day... Too bad about your neighbour, their loss! I love home made jam - yum!

  4. Hi Chania
    Sounds like you are having a pretty great week, minus the neighbor of course! I love the old cabinet. Can't wait to see the new bedroom!

  5. go ahead...give her the jam. kill her with kindness....she won't know what to think. oh, and keep picking her flowers. he he. your place is looking good! love the shell boxes! have a good weekend!

  6. I love that cabinet. And I agree with Erin - give her the jam and show her how nice and thoughtful people can be.

    Have a wonderful weekend, dear.


  7. You wanna come to my house and faff about? sounds great to be on nobody's schedule except your own. I have a list a mile high and everyday nothing gets done. Too many kids with other demands!!!

  8. hahaha! You & your buckets!

  9. Love your faffing around days. Wonder what your neighbors think with your noisy buckets and wild hair. Honestly, I'd rather have a neighbor like you than some of the bland folks we sometimes get. Too bad that lady couldn't be a little nicer. Doesn't know she missed out on great jam. All that said, glad to see that lovely metal cabinet make a reappearance.

  10. Chania - you so cheer me up with your lovely blogs. That cabinet looks fab after being painted. Your inner cupboards look very neat and clean (mine don't). Perhaps your neighbour was having a bad hair day or is she always like that!

  11. everybody should master the art of faffing, very good life skill i think! jx

  12. Lovely blog, I have know you from Li from A Creamy White ~ great to know you and have a great weekend !!


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