Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Faffing Around Day 1 - A Lesson in Self Indulgence.

I have been abandoned at the cottage which I thought a lovely way to get my butt in gear and do some things around here, bike ride, walk and read 2 books on my pile. 

 It's a bit like "survivor"  a warning of a Rogue  Bear, no car, no money (bank machine refuses me money and bank says I have to go the nearest branch of my bank which is 40 km awayto sort it out)  and very slow internet.  Luckily I have lots of old jams jars where I stuff my loose change, so I have been walking to the grocery store with little bag of coins.

The picture above was taken at noon when I finally got dressed and hung up my nightie after sloth-ing on the sofa all morning reading fluffy design books.
I've been cooking.....treating myself to a French Toast breakfast with fresh blueberries.
Followed by more reading....
but so far not the Autobiography I brought with me to read.
My "working" week is turning into more of a 5 day retreat.....a rest if you over indulgence of
frothy coffees (my friend gave me her old espresso machine) and afternoon Mohitos with the locals on my deck. 
I am actually networking.  Over drinks I got chatting about my newest project - refacing the kitchen island with old panelled doors.  Turns out Ken, (neighbor) loves workiing with old "Bits" and is super excited and willing to build it for me.....
By the end of day 1, I had finished my half read novel and "read" a whole stack of "picture books"
And...I lay on one of the boats docks in the sunshine....a lovely feeling as the dock sways.....and listened to the "wind chimes" of the pulleys clanging on the sail boats.
Pure-Self Indulgence...


  1. Sounds like a perfect time of recharging after opening the store and everything else you've been doing recently.

  2. Chania - just popped in before going out to do an hour's watering. Crumbs! the ups and downs of life! Scary to have your bank details fraudulantly used. A 5 day retreat - not an indulgence at all. Totally deserved. I love the way both you and Tamorah can make wonderful junk finds into pictures from 'Homes and Gardens' and 'Good Housekeeping' magazines put together. Love them!

  3. It sounds heavenly! I would love to be stranded at a cottage on the water...even for just one day! Enjoy your time - seems like we don't get much of it just for ourselves.

    Sarah :)

  4. I am sooooo jealous. I don't get a retreat until October, and that seems so far away. : { Closest I can get is frothy coffee.

    It sound delightful and so soothing. Enjoy! I'm sure you deserve it.


  5. I'm particularly envious of your white slipcover for the armchair, but also the breakfast and the simplicity of shopping with a jam jar of coins. It sounds well worth staying there till those jars run out. Unless the bear shows up.

  6. Can you REALLY read two books, cook French Toast, fend off wild bears, AND go for a bike ride in one day of your spare time, Raz? If so, you are truly a super-woman. X

  7. you deserve it girl! indulge away........
    so, so sorry to hear about the old fella :0(

  8. Oh Chania....It sounds & LOOKS SO RELAXING....You LUCKY girl....You KNOW I'm going to find it so hard to go into work this morning with these BEAUTIFUL restful images in my mind....!

    LUCKY I have the excitement of the possibility of our FIRST female Prime Minister to get me through the day....!!!

    If I'm ever able to come for a visit will you make me some of your GLORIOUS French toast....??!!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)

  9. Sounds absolutely divine. Everyone should have a chance to do this.

  10. I would love to be stranded like that too. That has always been my dream vacation.

  11. This sounds like my idea of the perfect job! And I was in my jammies until late afternoon yesterday...of course I was working hard in them all morning long though!


    Kat :)

  12. Love your use of the word "slothing." Sounds to me like you've done a lot of work since all that "fluffy" design gawking is central to your work. Now the mojitos and French toast, that's another story. ;-)

  13. Hi - GREAT faffing day and I love how even hearing what you did make me feel slightly more relaxed! Here's to faffing. It should be done alot more. My faffing days are numbered as the school holidays fast approach - I will go from faffing to entertaining the kiddies all day! Ah well... Lou x

  14. You are one lucky woman! Leave me stranded at a house near the water with books, berries, and coffee any day! Too much coffee, though, and I would have the whole house cleaned, painted, prettied up and myself completely worn out!

  15. that french toast looks so yummy!


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