Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Gallery of Sorts

My Gallery wall.  L to R clockwise. A Celtic cross,  ink sketch by Daniel Schneider, handwoven and beaded Pakistani Bag from the Toronto Textile museum (purchased not stolen from) my own textile art "Rug",  Wood block print my my great uncle Claughton Pellew,  Sid Dickens tulip wall plaque (gift from my deceased boss)  Photo Montage,  beaded bag, made in Paris,  Mexican silver mirror.

I do have some art, despite having a few old empty frames hanging around....(actually they are not even hanging, just leaning).  Like this ornate plaster frame below.  People are always making jokes about my Mona Lisa being stolen...... I think it is artistic in itself...the plaster mold is very detailed and the age and wear make it art-worthy in my eye.
I rather like the blank space.  I put different flowers there when I have them.
They are unifyed by black framed or inky art with hits of pinks and reds. The one on the bottom right is by my great uncle Claughton Pellew.  He is deceased but well known in Cornwall.  Some of his pieces and love letters written while in prison (he was a Conscientious Objector and thus jailed) are in the Tate museum in England.
This was a project for my Design Class.  I had to design a rug.  I just couldn't get the colors right with paint, so I used a collection of wools from Italy.
Pretty cross and Mexican mirror.
A glass beaded purse made in Paris
From the Toronto Textile museum.  A hand embroidered and beaded tassled bag.  One of my favorites.
It took me while to get this wall right. I had to balance the scale and colors of the pieces, as well as the spacing. (if you look closely you can see little holes I made while trying to get it right.)  I add new Bits to it now and then.  It is still evolving.


  1. Chania,
    I am passionate over empty frames, they just stand the test of time and have a story of there own :)
    as for the hand bag I have one from France, beaded and very old 60 plus years old. I love what you have done with the wall. I am sure you will add or subtract from in as I do and have done in the past. Designing never ends :p

  2. love it! and you DID get the colors "right" especially with your rug. i love the fact that you used meaningful pieces that you have collected over time and made a very cohesive collection. btw...i have nail holes all over my walls from changing things around!

  3. Your gallery is lovely, I love how you have put together a collection of your special artworks in a creative and attractive way! xx

  4. Very cool. unique and personal. I love it.


  5. this is beautiful, Chania. the textures and the collected-over-time look is wonderful...

  6. You have done a wonderful job getting your gallery looking so fantastic. Quite an eclectic mix but it is all working so well together - great job!

  7. I love of your collection of art and objects. I love the colours in your mounted rug. Beautiful.

  8. What a wonderful gallery you have Chania! That plaster frame is beautiful all by itself, and how wonderful to have such a famous artist in your family tree! Really lovely pieces of art, and I love how you have them displayed!

    Kat :)

  9. Looks great! I think art walls are hard to do. I do have an art wall in my dining room and I love it, but I had to think it through.

    P.S. And yes Mr. VS never sits down in the dark as his chair might not be there:)

  10. Hi Chania. You did a great job on all your artwork and putting it all together and I love the colors of the rug :) Hugs ~ Laura

  11. Hi Chania. I love your gallery wall! So many beautiful but different items. I am so happy to see more of your gorgeous textile art! I love it myself, and your rug is just beautiful!! thank you for sharing. Hope you have had a fabulous week! Wishing you a great weekend my friend ~ Tina xx

  12. Gorgeous gallery - I love your colourful rug. Wonderful 'Mona Lisa' frame!

  13. Original displays!! A very worhty art gallery you can be proud of!! xx

  14. Just beautiful. I love art walls and especially when they are three-dimensional and have so much meaning for the owner. I love that you shared this because one of my ongoing projects is collecting bits and pieces for a family tree art wall. So far it exists only in my head. Glad to see I'm not the only one taking her time to compose such a wall. Yours is so colorful and full of different textures. Love all the creativity that went into creating each item, then into composing it into a cohesive grouping.

  15. That's beautiful Chania, love how you've pulled these lovely things together. jx


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