Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend Haul

As I mentioned in my previous post, it was the weekend of the annual "Garage Sale Trail" here in the Northern Bruce Peninsula.  A ton of sales, scattered through the country side, and a find the treasure.  Our first stop was "White's Garage" an auto shop.  First one in the door, I managed to snag myself this white metal cabinet.  It has 3 nice useful shelves and a drawer and I am going to use it for my canning supplies here in the cottage.  (will post pictures later) .  I also got these wire baskets which have also found a home.  I gave the spiderman lunch box to my husband for fathers day.  Because every 50 year old man needs a lunch box....
I got 2 of these nice old birdhouses.  I am trying to get birds to nest here, so I will hang these up for next Spring hoping for a new family.... We can't feed the birds this year because of the Rogue Bear and we can't encourage him, although I hoping to spot him.  I am all alone here this week, so I kinda hoping and kinda not hoping to see him.
Crown Jars.....gorgeous pale pale green with Crown motif on front.  The crowns changed slightly over the years, so I like to pick through them to get the different ones. 
 I could do a post on canning jars and their history.  I do actually use them for tea bags, dog treats etc and it is damp near the water and we have had the occasional mouse....
This little hand painted flower vase was made in Japan.  Haven't got a spot yet for it...but so pretty.
This was my favourite piece...a metal pail 30" high from the Lambton Creamery.......this one goes right to the shop.  It would make a great unbrella stand.....


  1. Hi Chania,
    How cute that you got your hubby the Spiderman lunchbox. Of course every 50-year-old man needs a lunchbox:) Love the creamery pail, it would be a cute umbrella stand. Great finds. Oh and that birdhouse, my favorite colors:)


  2. Love the metal cabinet and the cute bird house. Sounds like a fun day! Lezlee

  3. Sounds like a fun day! You always find such wonderful items and have such a great eye for transforming them! I love the pail and an umbrella stand is exactly what I would use it for...I'd snatch it up if I visited your shop. :)
    Have a wonderful week...hope the bear stays afar!

  4. My family of small birds would just love those colourful homes. I MUST get making some.

    Greetings from France. Cro.

  5. All nice finds ... the bucket - PERFECT!

  6. You find some great things! Love the tall metal bucket and the jars. Always can use jars!

    Be sure to drop by and see the fabulous fishing camp style house JaneF posted on for this week's Met Monday.


  7. Chania,

    My favorite is the 30 " pail also! I make these huge white glitter stars on sticks for the Holidays and this would be a perfect place to house them.
    What a find!

    Please be careful of your rogue "Smokey". You really don't want that for a blog post! haha


  8. I just love that white metal cabinet. I have a thing for metal cabinets for some reason. I think they add a nice industrial touch and offer great storage. Also like that metal pail though I might be more inclined to use it for storing rolls of pretty wrapping/craft paper.

    Here's hoping you'll not have to deal with that rogue bear ...

  9. Get a bear-kennel, Chania - embrace the wild!

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  11. Sorry - my modem lied again, so I posted twice...

  12. to be honest, I am quite jealous of the sales going on there and the great finds I see in your shop, if not because of the real estate market and the immigration, I would be looking for a realtor to move down there. hope you have a great week...verbena cottage

  13. Hi Chania - we don't have garage sales here in Wales but Sunday is peppered with Car Boots. There is a big one they hold at Chirk every Sunday - usually about 600 stalls. The stall holders start arriving any time after 1 am and some even pitch there the night before. We used to do a stall there selling our garden veggies. I think you might have sparked off a blog idea here - a real slice of life. I love the little red and green bird house.

  14. Love that cute little bird house.

  15. Morning Chania....!!

    How HAPPY am I to wake up to your new post showing all these YUMMY Treasures....??!! LOVE it all of course especially the white metal cabinet, jars & the pail from the Creamery ** drool ** How much do you think THAT would cost to post to Oz....hahahahaha....!!

    I just KNOW you & I would have such fun if we lived closer....We could do 'swaps' all the time back & forth....!!

    Take care lovey....!

    Tamarah :o)

  16. Awesome finds - love the metal cabinet. How cute that your husband now has a spiderman lunch box! Love those bird houses too :)

  17. Chania, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the "umbrella bucket"! I see why it is your favorite. Have a great day!

  18. This past Saturday was city-wide {which isn't very large...}rummage day here in Deadwood, too!

    Only difference between us---I was holding a sale instead of going out to the sales.....

    Wish you could have come to my sale! I'm sure I had something you would have liked.

    My next big sale is 4th of July weekend....would you like to come?? heehee

    Keep showing those jars! Love the Crowns---do you have an SKO Queen jar?

  19. I love your you sell them?
    and the little vase is fantastic!!!


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