Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Doggie Catcher

My Mooch Boy

A boy knocked on my door today.  He had a chocolate lab with him.

"I found your Mooch in the park he said."

I told him that Moochie was in heaven, and had been for a few months, and this very fat, overheated and distressed dog did not belong to me.
I invited the dog in and offered to call the Humane Society.
He was clearly overheated and exhausted.  He lay right down on the air conditioning vent.
He was very hot and stressed

I gave him some biscuits and and a drink.   

I wet a towel and wiped him down,  all around his face and back and tummy, which he loved.
He put his face in the fridge, sat with the cat, and took a loaf of bread from the counter.
I stroked him and scratched his ears and chatted with him sweetly, reassuring him him was ok and we would find his owner, and that he should cut down on his food intake.  He was so FAT.

Then, he walked around the house, feeling a bit more settled, calmer, happier.

and peed

The longest pee I have ever seen a dog pee, right on my lovely Indian wool rug.
Then the doorbell rang again.  It was the doggie catcher. 
Then he was gone.


  1. Oh no!!!! I can't believe that! I want to laugh and be furious all at the same time. Your poor rug.

    xo M

  2. Hi Chania!! Hah - can't get over are a doggie Samaritan! Oh that rug...did it survive?! Lou x

  3. Oh my goodness! I have to say this made me laugh. I shouldn't laugh at him peeing on your rug but heck, that's a bit rough after everything you did for him!!

  4. Oh Chania I don't know weather to laugh or feel infuriated on your behalf....hahahahaha....Ah no there it goes....The laugh wins out....!!


  5. Oh no, not the rug! It has made me laugh though, sorry :)

  6. Oh no..............!!,.........pee for thanks?????......what a stupid dog !!! hahahhahaha!! thanks for your help you are a kind person ..........that's what he must think...........hahahahhahaha!!! love Ria...

  7. Oh no!!! Hope you don't mind that I had a little chuckle Chania, sorry! He obviously felt VERY at home in your beautiful house!! Hope the rug did not suffer any permanent damage! ~ Tina xx

  8. OMG Chania I don't know if I should laugh or cry. I feel for you, hope your rug is ok. At least the big guy went to the dog catcher in a happy mood. Lori

  9. Hysterical. I was feeling so bad for that dog until the end of the story. I can't believe he peed on your rug after all you did for him! Hopefully, he found his master.

  10. Some guests just don't know how to act with such kindness! I think its wonderful that the boy remembered what kind of dog you had.

  11. How in the world are you going to get that cleaned? I would be royally pissed lol.

  12. Oh NO! That was my exact response too and that of all the others I see.

    I'm so sorry (not laughing)
    How rude ( not laughing)
    I would have scared the brown right off that dog yelling holy heck ( not laughing ..honest)

    Ok....laughing a little



  13. perhaps someone's peeing on my stuff even as I'm typing this. The little people are very unpredictable.

  14. Oh no - it wouldn't be funny if it wasn't funny. ( Molly trying to keep a straight face) You certainly got his drift Chania. Perhaps it was his way of saying 'Thank you'

  15. That's what I did at the last lunch party I went to. Maybe my very last lunch party - poor poochy...

  16. Oh no!!! Thats funny...I feel your pain though. Last December my mothers dog was visiting our house and lifted his leg on our Christmas tree.


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