Monday, August 23, 2010

Hannah Cat

When we first got our little feral cat Hannah, she was recovering from a C-section delivery of 2 kittens
(to the surprise of the vet who was spaying her.  She was the thinnest cat I have ever seen and had been traumatised by the man whose barn she inhabited.  She wouldn't let anyone near her, especially men.
She almost died from a bee sting soon after we got her and her head swelled to twice its size.
We have had to rush her to the vet once more for a sting, and twice for the dog who is also allergic.

Over the past year she has started crossing her legs hen she sits.
She is firm friends with Gracie, but kept a respectful distance from Mooch, although she did lick him and lay near him when he was very ill before he died.

She actually thinks she is a dog. 
She goes out with the dog, never leaves the yard and waits at the door to come in like a dog.


  1. Your sweet Hannah puss looks very very much like our Theodora puss:) I am such a cat person...Hannah is gorgeous! ~ Tina xx

  2. Oh those crossed legs are so sweet. My cat thinks he is something special too. Indeed he is. olive♥

  3. Cats are amazing. thanks for sharing about Hannah

  4. Hannah is so gorgeous, I love how she crosses her legs and that she is great friend with Gracie. Cats are amazing creatures. xx

  5. I love Hannah. I did not know they could be alergic to bees...our Romy has been after them all summer...we had a bee infestation a few weeks ago and I was killing up to 11-15 an hour. We tried to not let her get I will be far more diligent! Your poor Hannah!

  6. Omg I love this for many reasons! First, I love how she crosses her legs. it's adorable! And 2, my sister's cat thinks she's a dog too, she waits by the door like we're going to "let her out" she sniffs guests exactly like a puppy, and watches you while you eat until you give her some. Rose and Hannah need to be best friends!

  7. So sweet! I just love the one with the dog. Adorable.

    xo M

  8. How sweet. Bless you for giving her a peaceful existence. Sounds like she needed it. I tamed a 3 year old wild cat once. It took months to get close to her. She became the sweetest, most loyal and loving cat I have ever had. And I've had many. I enjoyed watching her sleep so soundly that she twitched. I imagined the first three years of her life when she had to sleep with one eye open and how sleeping soundly must have been such a luxury to her. They are grateful creatures.

  9. Chania,

    I just spent some time reaquainting myself with all that you have been up to on your blog. I have been and will continue to be busy at work over the next few months, so haven't had the time to blog.

    I would just like to say, your photography is beautiful, exquisite, breath taking.

    Tracey x o

  10. She is beautiful! I have two tabbies...a black/grey, and a beige/chocolate target tabby...they are puppycats too!

    : )

    Julie M.

    ps I'm sorry about your Mooch and all of the bee troubles....poor lil' things.

  11. What a great spirit! You and Hannah (and Gracie, of course).

  12. So sweet Hannah...and you poor dog......Mooch......what is the name of the blons one and how old is he/she ?? so cute doggie........have a nice evening.....hugs from me.......Ria

  13. Oh Chania I am gutwrenchingly ENVIOUS of your BEAUTIFUL pics & you've MOTIVATED me to try & take some DECENT ones of my tabby babes Baxter & Harley.... :o) !! The pics I have to date DO NOT show them at their best....!!

    I'll keep you posted....!!

    Cheers & THANKS,
    Tamarah :o)

  14. Oh, Hannah is adorable! I love that ladylike crossing of her front paws. Cats are the coolest creatures around. I've never met one I didn't fall in love with.


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