Thursday, August 5, 2010

Photo Contest Entries

A few weeks ago, fascinated by a little old row boat in the harbour as opposed to the grand yachts that were present, I got thinking about simplicity.  How in today's society we tend to make things extravagant, embellished and often over the top.  But when simplicity prevails, so does beauty.  I wanted to challenge that with a contest. 

If you peel back the layers of almost anything,
it is the underlying beauty of something in it's most basic form,
that is the most striking.

I asked blog readers to send me photos that most reflected this statement.
I received the most beautiful and striking photos.  If you sent more than one, I selected my favourite and entered that one.

Here are the entries

If you have been on Desiree's blog, you will recognise this photo. Her blog is full of amazing design photos of her home using her signature palette of Grey and Zinc. (and White).
This photo represents everything pared down beauty is.  A simple candelabra with white candles. A bare concrete wall, and a stack of natural linens.  Replace this picture in your mind with a brass candle stick with blue candles, wallpaper on that wall and a stack of multicolored linens and you will envision why this reflects my statement on simplicity so well.  Pared Down. Basic.

From Mise at Pretty Far West
"A turf shed, falling apart but jaunty."
Mise has a wonderful sense of humour and a blog that focuses on real life, not staged blog photos and grand ideas.  She seems from her blog like a lively and fun person who you would want to invite to your party.

I love the looseness of this photos, the simple roof line and yellow door, and the old, well used tractor randomly parked in the grass.

Rock pool in Northern Wales
"There are many rocks and boulders and along the beach, little pockets of rock pools full of clear water. In a way almost like a mini version of 'coral reef'. Beautiful colours of purple-red and blue-green algae and long shiny dark fingers of seaweed. There are limpets and cockles and just below the surface tiny crabs make a shy appearance from beneath the coloured pebbles. I stand in wonder and for a brief moment in time.The world is at peace"  Molly Golver

Molly Golver submitted this photo along with this paragraph.  If this isn't finding beauty in the everyday, I don;t know what is.  The subdued colors of nature in this photo are inspiring.
If you have dreamed of living in the Welsh countryside you will want to visit the
MollyGolver blog.  Olive writes with a wonderful honesty about life in the country.  Her photos are gorgeous and make me want a country life.

Kirsten Myers from South Africa sent this photos of the beautiful single rose.  She explained that her mother send her flowers every year for her birthday....a big bouquet.  She likes to take the bouquet apart and make smaller groupings of single types.  Like this rose.  Beautiful as a bunch but alone, you want to pick it up and smell it and touch it. Kirsten has a brand new blog, one that she is just getting going called Lake Lifestyle.  I think given she is in South Africa, this one is going to get interesting, especially for those of us on different continents....we can get a peek at South Africa.

Karen from Ow, my Angst is a fairly new blog to me.  Her blog has a bit of this and a bit of that, tales of motherhood and life and a feistyness I love.
Karen's photo shows French Toast.  A simple breakfast made with love served on her everyday dishes. What could be more simple and homey and comforting than a homemade breakfast.

Marcie at Lemons and Laundry is a stylish gal from California.  You cannot pigeon hole her style, she has such a varied and fun loving blog.  I loved this picture of the wooden pier.  Simple old technology, the sea advancing and retreating underneath.  This photo is so lovely I can almost hear the water rushing underneath the piers. 

Jacqueline from Beauty in the Ordinary's blog title is a giveaway about her blog style.  She and her sister amuse with wit and genuine interest and intelligence the beauty in the Everyday.
Wet wood
warped by summer sun
maintains its essence.
It's beautiful.  The colors could be interpreted anywhere in fashion or design.

Erin from Erin-artandgardens is a photographer and professional gardener as well as a painter. Her blog clearly shows her passion for nature and the simple things.  You have to look at her paintings which are inspired by nature and her emotional attachment to it.
  Erin has started a collection of milk glass bowls.  Simple, basic and ordinary, to me they epitomise the beauty of Simplicity.

Ah, the freshness and beauty of White.  Clean Fresh Sparse.
This triptych of white is such a gorgeous expression of Simplicity.
Zuzu from sent this in titled "Morning Still Life"
Shouldn't every morning be this simple.? 
If you want to see what the simple life is all about visit Zuzu's fabulous off the grid teeny tiny cottage at her blog A Cottage in the Woods.  She lives the SIMPLE life.

Penny from The Comforts of Home Said "what could be more simple than a sunflower.  I have to agree.  A good old fashioned flower, rugged and unpretentious.  You simply must visit Penny's blog where she chats about her home, cooking gardening and the comforts of home.  It's quite lovely.

The Ocean.  A Crashing Wave.  When we want life to be simple most of us would want to be beside the sea, listening to the rhythm of the waves.
Tara Beaulieu from scarborough seashells has a gorgeous business based on found items found by the sea.  Her creativity is so wonderfully evident on her blog.  This photo was taken on a March morning in Rhode Island.  I love the elongated frame so we can see the whole wave.

Tamarah from Shabby Vintage Junk has one of the most fascinating blogs ever.  She has an eye for junk that you would NEVER believe rescuing discarding items and bringing them back to life.
In this photo, Tamarah is drying on a rack (Road Find) some scraps of linen that she has tea stained.  You will have to jump over to her blog to see what she did with them as she has so many things on the go I can't remember.

This photo would make such a gorgeous painting.  This is what still life is all about and what makes it so engaging.  A simple and beautiful white jug, old books and vintage dumbbells.
Kerry Martin sent in this entry and I think it has a wonderfully artistic composition and the shadows are lovely. Kerry's blog the Tranquil Townhouse has oodles of fun stuff, plus she paints, plus she does the best weekly recap of photos from all over the blogosphere.  You MUST go see.

I am completely in love with this rusty old garden tap. How I would love to fill my watering can from this.
Polished, shiny way.  This is perfect. Tamara from A Treasured Past has a blog just brimming with delectable finds and interesting pieces.  If you love this photo, you will love her style.  I do.

Suzan at Old Grey Mare Primitives has a blog that I read eagerly each post.  She has an amazing house and an incredible knack for styling.  She also makes jewelry, crafts and hosts Project Genesis on her blog.  She cares desperately about the environment and the world and what we can do to protect it.
Her daughter Hannah sent in several photos and this one of a pomegranate was my favourite.  So simple in black and white, the photography is beautiful and shows clearly the simplicity of the fruit.  Smooth skin, round and without seeing the color, rather plain, but lovely.

So There you have them.  The wonderfully creative talents of your fellow bloggers.  You should visit their blogs as they are all so varied and interesting and you can see more of their fabulous photos.  I still can't decide, but I will announce the winner by Monday.


  1. They are all so beautiful! Thank you for including my photo in the contest. I am off to visit all of these wonderful blogs.

  2. I understand why you picked each one. My favoritee would be the grey/zinc first one by Voges Paris. It just speaks to me somehow.


  3. These photos are all amazing in their simplicity. Each gives you a moment to pause and think. I enjoyed the turf shed the most: the lights on the tractor look like berries. Second favorite is the pier as it is so typical of the beaches here in California.

  4. They are all so beautiful! I enjoyed looking at them all. I can see how it would be hard to choose a winner. They are all winner to my eye.

  5. Lovely pictures. How to choose a winner?

  6. Such gorgeous imagery here! I am drawn to the picture of the pier and the white tryptich of morning goodies. What a wonderful post! Good luck choosing a winner and thanks for introducing me to some new blogs.

  7. Hi Chania. Thank you so much for including my photo among such beautiful entries. I'm completely captivated by all of them! I know some of these blogs, but not all, so I know what I'll be doing this weekend!!

  8. Chania - thank you so much for putting all our pictures up. The others are all fantastic - wouldn't know where to start to pick one. A lot of great blogs to visit as well. Brilliant idea to share a post like this.

  9. Hi Chania, thanks for adding my photo and the lovely comments. What a wonderful selection, and so different too, I'm glad its you not me who has to choose, see ya, Tamara

  10. What great shots! I wish I had got myself organised enough to send you one of mine :)
    Oh well, next time!

  11. Chania,

    What a wonderfully diverse collection. Thank you for posting Hannah's photo. She was tickled when I showed her this morning. I thought they were all lovely.

    I hope you'll do this again. It helps to have a goal to train your eye to see things in different ways.



  12. Hi Chania, This was really fun! Thank you.
    I really loved the topic & think it would be a great name for a blog! I love the beauty of simplicity.....

  13. hi chania,
    such an interesting and varied group of photos...all so different and beautiful! thanks for including me, this was a lot of fun.
    happy weekend to you!

  14. Great photos--I wished they'd never end! It's a very interesting way to look at things, isn't it? Perhaps we all do too much visual skimming. Now I've got me some new blogs to peruse...

  15. Heavens Chania what an AWESOME selection of photos....!!! I'm CONFLICTED though....While being honoured to have had my pic included, I'm EMBARRASSED to have sent such a naive piece....!!! My 'camera eye' definitely requires training....!

    So HARD for me to pic a FAVE but I can say I spent the MOST time scrolling back to Marcie's pier pic....WOW....!!!

    THANK YOU for providing this opportunity for us to share our pics Chania....You really are a VERY generous Friend....!!

    I hope you're having a GREAT weekend lovey....!!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)

  16. I can't believe I missed this last week. These are stunning photos!! Great contest!

    xo M


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