Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wedding Celebrations

The gorgeous gown.....softy pleated

The wedding I went to on Friday got me thinking. 
About family and love and celebrations.
As parents, we are always wanting our children to be safe and happy.
For their lives to be full and them to be emotionally fulfilled. 
When they get married, we have that safety net for them.......................of another person loving and caring for them as much as we do, with their best interests at heart.  Another person to protect them and be there for them.

We gather our families and friends, dress in our finest, and celebrate their happiness with food and drink and gifts and dancing.  A milestone in life...a sacrement for some, a new path and direction.
I came away from this wedding thinking how loved this couple were and how much joy and excitement there was in the room for them. 
 This was a day to tell them how important and special they were.

I love to do photo collage and put together some of my snaps for the bride.....I thought you may enjoy seeing some.  Not wanting to invade their privacy, I haven't included any of the people there or the couple, but these are some of the gorgeously fabulous details.

The Toronto....
The details......

As the evening progressed, the room started to glow.....

The bride had a beautiful 1940's style chignon, with this gorgeous feathered embellishment.

Wedding cupcakes


Architectural details....the venue was right across from Conrad Black's office....




  1. Hello, what a beautiful post, it looks like it was such a beautiful wedding, who does not love weddings, thank you for sharing, it is beautiful. Have a wonderful Sunday. Terri

  2. those photos are precious as they are memorable! great job on those shots! have a great sunday.. verbena cottage

  3. Special.
    And blessings on the happy couple.

  4. Nice outfit. Shame about the cupcakes, though....!

  5. Beautiful! Love that gown. when you get a chance, drop by my little corner. I have something for you:)

  6. What a magical evening! I love seeing little snippets of weddings and other wonderful family celebrations! Thanks for taking us along with you and best wishes to the happy couple!

    Kat :)

  7. It looks like a gorgeous wedding. Thanks for sharing your great pics.

  8. Looks like it was a beautiful wedding and what a great venue too. So nice of you to snap some photos for the couple.

  9. wow, stunning. i just love your images chania! jx

  10. Thank you for sharing those lovely wedding photos Chania. What a special day. The wedding outfit and shoes are gorgeous. May the special couple have a lifetime of happiness.

  11. Wow that is a spectacular dress. I hope you had lots of fun.

    MD xx

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