Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sulky Little Babka Doll and Other Cottage Bits......

I have been collecting some new things lately.  Such as Babushka dolls.  Never had them as a child, but find them interesting and colorful. 
I rather liked this solemn little one on the right......I have never seen them with sullen expression.
Perhaps there was a rogue doll maker in the factory
who put frowns on all the little ones.........

Juggling pins........because you never know when the mood will strike...
Seashells are so interesting.
I also collect the tackiest tourist thing of all time...
The Snow Globe...
I will show you my collection one day

Seashells on anything......boxes, plant pots
And Cubbies to put them in......

What sorts of things do you collect????


  1. I love collecting rare and meaningful items! Your shells are lovely.

    xoxo Marcie

  2. Look at my post from 21 may !! than you can see my collection !!!!..beautiful stuff you collect......that Babushka dolls!!! are amazing..lovely post today i love it....hugs from me Ria....

  3. A number of years ago, I happened to admire a little hummel figurine...the family latched onto this idea and suddenly I had 15! I'm not a collector, so I put them all away in a box, but now, some years on, I take one out at a time, sometimes seasonally, sometimes to decorate a table for dinner. I have my collection of one, the little baker boy, standing next to my stove at present.

  4. I love the bowling pins - lovely shape and patina on the wood. They have real character.
    My daughter has a few babushka dolls - one is mine which I bought years ago and two of her own which she bought when we went on a trip to Prague a few years ago. They had shop after shop of these dolls so she chose two and they each have ten dolls inside - the smallest one is smaller than a pea! She loves opening them all up.
    I collect seaglass, jugs and bowls. We can't go to a beach without me looking for some and every whenever I come home with a new jug or bowl my husband says "oh, a bowl - good - we needed another one!".
    Lovely collections x

  5. I've never been a collector - probably because I don't like a lot of clutter - but I somehow have two collections that happened by accident. One is angels. People just started giving me angels, I guess because I love them and am interested in them. And the other one is teapots - not very exciting looking teapots since we got the collection in our efforts to find a teapot that would make 2 mugs of tea and didn't drip - not an easy task. Now I kind of wish I had some more interesting teapots!

  6. Am loving those juggling pins. Gorgeous texture and color. Vintage scales are my weakness ♥. Postal, kitchen, egg scales. Love old advertisments, crate labels, etc. Small collection of old country store jars (Tom's Peanuts, etc.) Ooh I could go on, but that's enough of a peek into my obsessions :D

    Jane T.

  7. Chania, you are one fun and interesting gal! I love to think about what are collections say about us...I love your bowling pins.
    I collect old silver baby spoons, jars and perhaps I have way too many straw hats. :)

    Have a great day!

  8. I would probably buy a set of Babushka dolls too as I love their color and you have a snow globe collection????? Bring it on missy!!


  9. Love the juggling pins. And, of course, you know I love shells so that I like your collection is a given! I have several different types of collections but I try to keep my collections within reason. I would love to see your snow globe collection and hope you post about it soon.

    ~ Tracy

  10. Awwe, your sullen babushka is so sweet. What cool collections. Next week I'll be collecting some sea shells of my own...can't wait. Hugs-carrie


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