Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekend Photos

The produce at the farmers market this weekend in Lion's Head was worth photographing.
The vendors always seem suprised when I swoop in with my Zoom lens and
photograph their luscious veggies.

They are getting used to me now and "pose" the produce.
It's worthy of a picture.
I was entertaining a crowd of 15 for dinner and I wanted to serve all local, fresh farm vegetables.

Finally Local Garlic in town......I have been boycotting the grocery store garlic from China
I celebrated by serving Ontario Pork Tenderloin marinated in balsamic vinegar, brown sugar and
cloves and cloves of garlic.

The Buskers for Cancer were there to keep the morning festive......
Organic coffee......hand knitted goods,
 homemade cheeses and soaps.


Sunflowers and Sunny people......
Fireworks over the lake.
A late Breakfast .......

Safe trip friends leaving on their hot new Pearl White Motorcycle


  1. Fresh veggies are the best and make beautiful photos! Your photos make me want to eat a giant salad!

    xo Marcie

  2. LOVELY post! Really loved it :)

  3. These pics are amazing Chania! I can almost smell and feel those fresh vegies!! Love it!! Hope you have a fabulous 'rest of the week'. Hugs~ Txx

  4. Hi Chania....!

    Tina's right on the money there....Thos pics are AMAZING....I feel like I could reach out & touch your vegies....!!

    GOOD ON YOU for boycotting the Chinese garlic....Mr SVJ stopped buying ANYTHING manufactured in China 15 months ago....We're running out of socks & undies but apart from that we're not experiencing any hardship & we're making our stand....!!

    I would seriously have a panic attack if I had to cook for more than 4 people....!!

    Cheers for now lovey,
    Tamarah :o)

  5. Looks like a lovely weekend spent with friends and yummy food too! Great pictures, and I'm a tad bit envious that anyone would need a sweater or long sleeved shirt in late July!!

    Kat :)

  6. Beautiful pictures! Nice bike. :-)

  7. Lovely photos Chania, you capture the markets beautifully! It looks like you had a wonderful time! xx

  8. Sometimes the simple things that photograph beautifully are right in front of us!! Hey, we have a pearl white motorcycle:)


  9. My kind of PARTY! how are you doing Chania, you look to be busy with lots of excitement going on in your life.
    The market veggies are wonderful, and I can almost her the sounds of native flok singing :)
    You captured all our 6 senses in this post!

  10. Lovely post....oooo i like your blog !!! glad i found......happy evening....hugs from Ria....

  11. I love photos of farmer's markets. Your are lovely. olive♥

  12. I like those fairs! You must have enjoyed it...I hope you're having a good week.

    xx Zaira

  13. looks sensational chania, you're lucky having a great market like that! jxx


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