Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lion's Head Ontario is built around a horseshoe shaped bay.  You can walk all the way from Niagara Falls to Tobermory along the Bruce Trail that comes through Lion's Head. Tobermory....is the tip of the Bruce Peninsula where Georgian Bay and Lake Huron meet.   You can boat right over to the US from Tobermory or any other point on Lake Huron. You can take a ferry from there to Manitoulin Island.  All along the peninsula is a very rocky shore, giving way to a sandy shore around the Bay.

Today I walked a part of the Trail starting at the marina and hiking to the Southern Point (not far)The grasses and wild flowers grow along the sunny shores.

The ducks are very shy here compared to city ducks....
The rocky shore gives way to the sandy beach...
A lovely spot for children to play......
I met a young boy who was wrecking all the sandcastles at the end of the afternoon......
Further around the trail, the beachy area turns into dense forest......
Rock and forest and bears.....
And a fresh spring through the rocks.
Lots of beautiful thick moss...
And more berries.....which got me a bit nervous about the bears since I was by myself....
I headed back....(told you it was a short hike)

Sweet peas and Clover.
Back to the beach....
and civilisation.

The Bruce (as it is called) is such an amazing area.  You can scuba dive and see the shipwrecks, see the caves where Quest for Fire was filmed, cliff dive, rock climb (see those rocks on the right), camp around that point in the wilderness, sail, hike and enjoy the beach.


  1. Stunning photos. They are so fresh and simple. I love the story that comes with it too! My favorite is the duck. You took it at a great angle.

    xo M

  2. Hope all the beautiful scenery and fresh air helped cheer your day.

    I was swamped today but will write soon. ;-0



  3. Chania...you have inspired me! I've never been to Tobermory and I think it's about time I corrected that. Road Trip!

  4. What a beautiful place for a hike!! :-) Thanks for sharing all your lovely pictures :-)


  5. Chania - what a beautiful walk. The pictures you've taken are all lovely. What made me sad was the fact that that young boy found it necessary to wreck all the sand castles. What is he going to grow up like. Or perhaps I'm a bit sensitive about people wanting to wreck other people's lives just because they can!

  6. HI Chania
    I just popped over from Erin's blog.

    What fabulous photos.. Nothing I like more than being near the sea... and your post has done just that.. and taken me on a little tour today of somewhere new... Hope you have a fabulous week xx Julie


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