Saturday, September 25, 2010

For Tom...Should we or shouldn't we......

Away with the girls for a cottage weekend.
Inspired by Tom over HERE we've been foraging for mushrooms.
Deep in the woods there were three kinds. All pictured above.
The problem with mushrooms is if you make a mistake it's game over.
Are any of these edible????


  1. DON'T eat any of them. I haven't got my book in the house, but I know the middle one is a brown roll-rim, and very poisonous. The bottom one seems to have white gills, which is a bad sign for a mushroom of that type. I think it too is poisonous but without seeing it up close and consulting the book, I cannot tell you what it is. In short - don't eat any of them, and never take anyone else's word for what you can or can't eat. Make sure that YOU KNOW what they are for certain before even thinking about it.

    I will tell you exactly what they are later, after I have consulted Mr Phillips.

  2. I've just found Roger Phillips online, and it's free to consult. The problem is that the bottom mushroom looks very similar to a genus of amanita which is only found in North America, and very poisonous. It is also similar to a delicious parasol, but only you can decide by looking at other details, like the length of the stem, etc. etc. You don't have enough experience to risk ruining your girl's weekend, so don't touch them!

    If you cannot be stopped, then here's the link to the ID site:

  3. Chania, I am not an expert at this and would not take the chance.

    I have a Giveaway from the French Basketeer I think you will love! Come see, and Andrea knows lots about edible mushrooms.

    Art by Karena

  4. Enjoy your weekend darling.......beautiful pictures !!! love Ria....

  5. Chania...Step Away from the Fungi!

  6. Ha ha - I am not trying to protect my own collection - I don't know when I will next be in Canada, and - besides - Canada is a big place.

  7. Golly, I hope you'll be back blogging on Monday...?
    If not, we won't need "House" to figure out why.....
    Listen to Jacqueline.



  8. Well, this has taken quite the thrilling, and educational turn! Have fun without the mushrooms please - you must be available for your next challenge - the most feared one yet.

  9. Okay lovey you simply MUST be here for our self portraits! I am getting a headache just thinking about mine. ♥O

  10. LOL, "Step away !"
    I would never eat one, even if someone told me it was safe :)
    I would wonder, right before I took that first big bite, do they want my insurance money? Is she after my jewelry ?
    Love the photos though !

  11. Can you imagine the headlines? "Girl's weekend mushroom poisoning blamed on British Blogger". Lucky, Tom likes you...
    Enjoy your weekend! xx

  12. 'Heaven's Gate' is the name of a famous beauty-spot near here, and it is also where I regularly go on mushroom hunts. Unfortunately, 'Heaven's Gate' is also the name of a religious American cult who all poisoned themselves in a mass suicide, as I found out yesterday when Googling the name up....


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