Thursday, September 30, 2010

Project Genesis

This month's Project Genesis was an easy one for me. 
After a ton of research and careful thought,
 we bought a Prius,
 theToyota Hydrid Gas/Electric vehicle.
Previously I drove a highlander.  I could go about 420 km to a tank of gas which was about $72-$75.00.  I filled up roughly twice a month. $150.00 or 150 liters of fuel.
The Prius went 740km on a tank.  It took 35 liters and cost me around $35.00 I do about 850 km per month.  So I have saved over one month. $108.00 in fuel and 108 liters of gasoline.

Over 5 years that equals $6480.00 depending on gas prices
6480 lites of fuel.  

Some people have argued that you pay more for a hybrid.  And you do.  But I think you get that back in 5 years.  But it's not about the money.  Like eating organic, it is the Environmental Price that has to be considered too.

For more ways to be considerate of the environment head over The Old Grey Mare blog for inspiration.


  1. My parents just bought a Prius this summer (they live in Toronto)-
    For our next car I have every intention of going environmental-

  2. Speedy Gonzalez you!

    You got this post up fast. yay you!..I'm driving my car into the ground and then I will go probably a used hybrid. My car is 7 years old and does not yet have 60,000 miles on it. I think about the routes I take and conserve all my errands into one big day or on the way to and from somewhere else. It has made a huge difference in fuel costs and in mileage.

    Thanks for always supporting PG



  3. That is sharp-looking! I think you are right in that we increasingly need to consider the organic cost as well. Also, I hope that by consumers increasingly flocking to earth-friendly products, manufacturers will eventually be able to lower costs to cater to the masses.

  4. I think a lot of us are wisely heading in this direction both for ourselves and for our environment. Wow on the gas savings!

  5. Nice car and the gas mileage is stellar. We looked at them but found a used Mini Cooper and it gets 42 mpg on the highway when I drive properly and 38 when I do not. I love my Mini and could not part with it. hugs♥O

  6. Congratulations! We just rented a Camry hybrid for 10 days, and enjoyed the savings! We had wanted to buy one, but our old car conked out before they came on the market, so we bought a conventional Camry (the Prius is too small for our family). Hoping our next car will be a second-hand hybrid.

  7. What's not to love! Classy, environmental friendly and $$$ saving!

  8. I rented a Camry Hybrid last summer and enjoyed driving it. Although I must say, in some towns, I got looks and stares. I think they are more popular in some states than others. The money saving aspect is certainly a big plus. Enjoy your Prius. :) Tammy

  9. Great Vehicle! Enjoy; I agree we need to be reminded to do what is right for planet Earth!

  10. My dh loves his prius. I have an older honda civic hybrid, a standard. It will be hard to give up standard cuz the hybrid technology is changing so they are all automatic. Excess gas is just something we aren't willing to use/pay for.


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