Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Photo Challenge

This week, I challenged everyone to get Closer to their subject.  Close pictures aren't easy.  You lose the background and sometimes the clarity.  But you get these gorgeous blurred edges and out of context images.  The above photos is of a dried gourd of some sort.  I was on one of my last walks with my belovedly slow moving Mooch, when he stopped for a pee right near this beautiful pod.  I picked it up and hung it with fishing line from the chandelier at the cottage.
This chandelier came from West Elm.  It is a simple Capiz shell shade, made from rings of steel with shells hung all over it.  I embellished it further with my Bits.
This one is so close you can see the cobwebs on the star.
My sister in law has a friend in Africa who make these beach glass mobiles.
I hung it from the chandelier.

I bought this glass star from a glass artist.

I was part of a Fiber Art bead trade.  This is one that I received.

This is the long shot of it.

Next week, the Challenge is to shoot something to show it's
Something old, perhaps rusty, peeling, scrubby.


  1. I love the image of the pod Chania. I really must get myself organized for your challenges. Each week I'm kicking myself! Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Hi Chania, I love all your beads and the spider web capture is very good. I am looking forward to AGE. hugs♥olive

  3. and Oh the colours delicate, so beautiful.

  4. Great close-ups!! I love how you've embellished your chandelier with all your colourful little treasures :-)


  5. What a wonderful display of color and with the dried pod, added texture. Glass beads and globes are ever changing because of how they reflect the light. Cheers!

  6. I love all of the wonderful "bits" you've added to your lovely shell chandelier! Hopefully I can participate in one of your great photo challenges very soon!

    Kat :)

  7. This is my first week entering your challenge. Thanks for helping me get out there with my camera a little more! I look forward to joining from now on! :)

    Love your shots. I don't know what you call that chandelier type thing...but it's beautiful and I want one now!

  8. I love your photos this week! I finally decided to jump in and do some myself! Happy Friday!

  9. Great photos! I love how different it when you zoom out! :D

    Thanks for hosting these photo challenges! So much fun!

  10. Chania - thank you so much for your lovely post. I love the coloured glass. I really look forward to the Friday photo challenge! Shall be thinking .... 'Age' all week

  11. I think it also takes a certain amount of courage to get this close to something, to picture every little detail, especially if it's something to be blogged about! Thanks for the ideas. I'm currently taking an e-class with a photo component to it, so it's time for me to start experimenting. I love your upcycled capiz shell chandelier.

  12. HI Chania
    I love these shots.. and the chandelier.. I had a similar one I brought back from Bali.. but threw it out in a sudden purge... too bad.. maybe calls for another trip to Bali!!

    Thanks for hosting these challenges.. My internet is so useless these days I've missed joining in on some.. and late this week..

    Have a great weekend.. xxx Julie

  13. Oh dear, Chania, got all confused with the thumbnail link and somehow linked it to your blog - I'm hopeless! x

  14. The teal beads are my favorite shot. There is such detail to it!


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