Thursday, September 23, 2010

Phone Pics

What I love about Phone Pics, is they tend to be more random.  Less staged. They have a different feel.
I seldon download my I Phone pictures, often forgetting what I took pictures of.
This top one is one of my all time favourites.  It  is a picture of my Mooch in his last summer.  As we near the cottage, we always opened the windows.  The minute he smelled the lake, he would hang his head from the window, jowels flapping and feel the breeze.
The grainy quaity of the photo makes them look like old vintage photos.
Here's my future DIL on her birthday taken last year in Montreal.
The Hannah one of her elegant poses.
The Mooch again......this dog was just so photogenic
Le Cartet Montreal....home of the best Almond Croissant ever.
My home last Christmas just prior to my 25 person sit down dinner.
And again....only at Chinese New Year
My boy on his 25 th.
My friends at last years Halloween Party.
And a capture to email my daughter of a great purse I found at a vintage shop.


  1. Lovely to see a shot on one personal life....
    hugs, Zaira

  2. A sit down dinner for twenty five! Love the expression on your sons face. olive♥

  3. Love it! My daughter is the queen of taking phone picts. Always we have to pose for a together pict what ever event we are at. I love them! Best invention ever. Kit

  4. it always makes me smile to see a dog hanging out a car window!! thanks for the smile.

  5. I have a photo of my newborn niece on my phone. She turned a year old last month... and I still have not figured out how to download that photo!! LOL

    (That is her with me in my thumbnail pic).

  6. Mooch is a star. I absolutely love that photo of him in your car mirror. Chania your photography classes are going very well, I can see!

  7. ah ha, our cat sits like Hannah. It looks so funny.

  8. Phone pics are the best! You are absolutely right, they are the most spontaneous because these days we always have our phones with us! Mooch! Love the mirror/hanging out the window picture. Vintage purse - tres cool. Hannah Cat pose, even cooler.

  9. You are right, phone pics are the best. Scrolling through mine are just as random and always make me smile. They include all my thrift finds that I chose not to get. By the way, Mooch and Hannah are quite the stars.

  10. I always enjoy popping over to your blog Chania! Everyone in the pics are just lovely. :)
    Health and happiness,


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