Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Photo Challenge

This week's challenge was to photograph something that showed REFLECTION and creating another dimension in the picture.

I have a wall of mirrors behind the sofa at the cottage, deliberately hung to reflect the water outside the windows opposite. But they reflect so much more, depending where you are sitting.

Reflecting my wooden boxes and old bowling pin.

 Old oil paintings 
 Peeking into the living room
 Creating Reflection in your photos can give a hint of mystery to the picture....a peek into something somewhat hidden.

Next Weeks Challenge for September 17th is

Get close, really really close, as close as possible to something. Flowers, food, fabric, stones....close ups are fascinating,  (except perhaps people who won't appreciate you capturing their nose hairs).
Being that close can render the subject unrecognisable.
 I am looking forward to seeing what you get really CLOSE to.

At the end of the month, I am taking a photography course, and hope to share some tips here on Photo Fridays.  It might be fun too if we follow some of the course assignments.
If anyone has an idea for a Photo Challenge, please let me know.


  1. Chania, those frames are stunning. Such a teasing peek into your lovely cottage too!

  2. Great reflective pictures!! I love your wall of mirrors and all the beautiful items they reflect :-)


  3. Hi Chania,the reflections of the cottage are wonderful in the pretty mirrors. Thanks for this challenge and for next weeks...I can get close! hugs♥olive

  4. Chania - I love your pictures and also for allowing me to take part in your Friday photo challenge which I also love. Took a deep breath and it worked for me this time like a dream. Phew!!!

  5. All of your pics are just beautiful Chania! The mirrors are so beautiful as are all the reflections! Hope you have a fabulous weekend ~ Txx

  6. I like that prospect you took! Loving the bowling pin and sneak peek into your home. Kit

  7. I am seriously coveting a couple of those mirrors and those wooden boxes. You tease!


    ....knowing me it's a good thing you already discounted nose hairs huh?

  8. Hi Chania,
    Just wanted to pop over and say hello. I figured you are probably not reading my blog anymore since I've been so wishy washy lately but just wanted to say hello.



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