Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend shots.

Having returned from a girls weekend away, I could show you the copious amount of food and drink we went through, but thought instead to show you a snippet of the beauty of a Fall weekend up North.
A Muskoka chair on a farmhouse cottage porch makes a perfect spot to ponder the big water.
The colors change in the Fall.  The water becomes bluer, less green....a gorgeous palette with the deep grey of the rocks.
These large rocks remind me of whales....
Love the turquoise Muskoka chairs.
I would love to have had a look inside this house.

This is how the ice age layered the rocks on the shores of Georgian Bay.
Some chick doing Pilate's on the rocks???!!


  1. Obviously Chania no mushrooms were involved in the weekend! We were a little worried there for a while if you were going to show up this morning...glad you did. Looks like a fun weekend.

  2. Beautiful!! I love these simple photos. Pilates on a rock is amazing.

    xo M

  3. beautiful chairs !! beautiful post it......lovely evening.....hugs Ria...

  4. Gorgeous pictures Chania! And those rocks do look like whales, what a beautiful place!

    Kat :)

  5. I think the girl on the rocks ate the mushrooms...

  6. Oh I love these pics (as always)! The first pic and the last pic are so beautiful! you should sell your pics as cards or prints Chania! How lovely to have a girls weekend away, the place you went to looks amazing. Sorry had to giggle at Tom's comment above ;) Hope you have a fabulous day. Hugs ~ Tina xx

  7. The last picture is my fave! Wow! Such drama with the dark, dark water and the fall leaves. Looks like it's trying to tell a story...or a secret. :) Cool!

  8. Blogs always show me how real other places that I haven't visited are. These are particularly beautiful shots of a very dignified sea.

  9. Beautiful pictures :-) The rocks DO look like whales!!

    We're in the midst of major fall colours here in Ottawa. I like the bright red maple trees best :-)


  10. Pilates on the rocks! Ouch. Well, ouch for me anyway.
    I love your pics. If you do manage to get a peek inside that house, please share!


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