Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ripping the Bandaid Off Fast.......Preparing for New Adventures.

If you had told me a few weeks ago that we would be selling the cottage, I would have told you that you were MAD.
Never Nver Never.....
In a million years did I think we would sell
"The Beach House"
But, I do love an adventure, and our plan has always been to one day have a home near the Beach in Florida. 
And the timing is right.....
So my precious, beloved cottage is on the market right now.
If you want to see the listing you can have a lookie HERE.
It feels so strange.  We LOVE this place, but financially it makes sense to do the Florida thing now.
I have spent the past few nights tossing and turning and running pictures through my head of all the lovely beachy places I have been pouring over for the past few days.
We are in no rush, but I hope the cottage sells FAST.
Like ripping a bandaid off quickly...
because it hurts..
I am emotionally attached.
It is so hard to think about not coming here any more.
But I love a new adventure.
The kids are so excited and my daughter is already planning her girls holiday.
We are looking for a small town on the Gulf side.
Maybe Madeira Beach
Where there will be new ducks and boats and water....Salt Water
If anyone knows a lovely Beach Town in
Please let me know.
In the meantime, we will head to the cottage this weekend with


  1. Good Luck Chania. A new adventure...lucky you!

  2. Oh Chania....WOW....I'm LOST for words....CONGRATULATIONS on your new adventure....!!

    I hope your new cottage is as sweet as 'The Beach House'....And I hope you get a HUGE price for it because it's GORGEOUS....!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)

  3. Good luck with the sale, Chania. It's great to have a new adventure to look forward to. xx

  4. Sometimes in order to follow a new dream we have to let go of an old's a hard thing to do! :)
    I'm happy for you that you have a new adventure to look forward to. What an exciting time!

  5. WOW!...moving to Florida,congrats.Southeast Georgia is really nice,our seasons are rarily harsh..If we hadn't just built our new home,I would love to buy your beautiful cottage and live on the lake in ON.

  6. Are you going to scoop up one of those incredible 50thousand, gated community cottages? What a smashing deal if you are!

  7. thinking of you as you start out on a new adventure. it's never easy to take leaps of faith- but it sounds like deep down that this is the right thing for you. happy trails!

  8. I get terribly attached to houses as well. I hope your cottage sells fast and you get a Florida beach house at a great price. That will be a fun project. We often go the the Gulf and love the beaches there. hugs♥olive

  9. Wow, what an amazing turn-around! You are truly an adventurer at heart. I really admire your courage in starting all over, yet at the same time I believe that a life well-lived must always have some risk. I'm looking forward to reading about what's to come in the weeks and months ahead. Best of luck. I'm sure your cottage will sell quickly. it is so beautifully restored and decorated. P.S. I've missed your posts. I'm sure I'll have a lovely time catching up.

  10. well I'm gobsmacked....

    ..and excited for you and your new adventure. Just think of all the fun you'll have decorating the new home.




  11. Chania you have transformed that little cottage and made it into a home in every sense of the word. Endings and Beginnings! Florida seems such an exciting adventure. Follow your instincts they have a habit of being right. I wish you and your family every happiness!

  12. oh my had better find a new place in Florida fast, because surely you will sell your cottage quickly!! it shows beautifully. i love the little town of Dunedin, Florida. it is just north of Clearwater. it has a darling , quaint downtown, surrounded by adorable bungalows with huge live oaks dripping with spanish moss and you can walk to the water!! i don't know how the market is there, but i have spotted many fixer-uppers. we often vacation near there at Honeymoon Island. good luck with all of sounds very exciting to me!!
    have a good weekend,

  13. Ooooh,that is just so perfect for us,I would love to buy it myself,I love it!Nothing like living near the beach,I can tell you that.

    Gooodluck with your adventure & I hope you get a buyer soon and Im sure you will.


  14. It'll be fine. If in doubt, always take the route of greater change. And tell all prospective buyers that your cottage is World-Famous.

  15. Wow, that's huge news! WHat a change! Best wishes for your upcoming adventures!

  16. oh, you are strong - I don't know that I could be as strong as you. But change is good and exciting. Rip away..

  17. Chania - I am all for new adventures at the moment! Go for it. And Florida - perfect, we used to go to Madeira Beach every year so I know it well. It is lovely. If I could muster anywhere that is my happy place it would probably be a beach house in Florida!
    I know what you mean about being emotionally attached - makes one's heart ache. But time will heal that... Lou x

  18. Lots of people tell me Sanibel Island is lovely. We are in Ft. Myers (on a golf course, not the beach) and visit Sanibel quite often.

  19. It sounds so exciting! Keep us updated on the progress.

  20. Wishing you the best on your new adventure. Life is full of unexpected surprises. What an exciting time! I hope all goes well.

  21. I have to agree with the above commenter about Dunedin, Florida. I lived there for my high school years, got married in a church there and had my wedding reception at the small hotel at the Dunedin Marina. The intercoastal waterway makes for wonderful, relaxed boating with it's beautiful islands that trail one after another. I've lived in Orlando since I married, but my parents lived in Dunedin from 1974 until 2000. And we came from Toronto! Best wishes and I look forward to following your new adventure.


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