Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ahh......time to put my feet up.

The Christmas Dinner gang.  That's me behind my Mum. I love this picture of my mum....she looks so happy...she treasures every minute spend outside of the Home with family.

We haven't had all four of us siblings together for 17 years at Christmas.  One being in the UK or New York, the other travelling to the Arctic or Africa at Christmas time, so it was lovely for my Mum to have all of her children together. 

We have a small house, so I set up 2 dining tables on the main floor leaving no space to gather pre-dinner.  I had the brilliant idea of having everyone downstairs in the large spacious basement for drinks and presents.  So the guys hauled my mother, wheelchair and all down the stairs.....not as easy as it sounds. 
Thank God my mother is a good sport and my brother had a stiff drink after as it shook him up more than her.  I was in the kitchen at the time, but if you could have heard the commotion getting her down....

Anyway, I have told her next year we will get the capsule used in the Chilean Miners rescue....which I think was one of the best feel good moments of 2010.

We had our usual big bash on Xmas eve with the kids friends and ours and neighbours.  Our neighbours introduced their gorgeous new daughter Amelie who seems to have adjusted from her life in China to Canada with extraordinary ease.  I went to bed at 2 am and left the kids to take care of the stragglers.
I had a lovely quiet early morning on Christmas Day with a book and latte waiting for everyone to wake up.
The kids cooked us and my brother a lovely breakfast with mimosas....
Brandon peppered us with questions all morning as he worked on the crossword....then skated on the pond around the corner, while Ky and Blake watched Elf for the 10th time. 
Our dinner was lovely, all hands on deck.  Everyone brought dishes already prepared that made the workload light. And we finished up with carrot cake and trifle.. And then we looked at my grandparents family album on disk which was a great way to end the night. 
Today is my day to relax and put me feet up....there's trifle for breakfast and left overs for lunch so I am free and clear of canteen duty all day.  Bar service is self serve today.


  1. That party looks wonderful Chania. I'm so glad everything worked out. Love the photo of you all together and especially you and your lovely Momma. That will be so precious to you in years to come.Hope 2011 brings you all the best things you could wish for. Love Molly xx

  2. Take it easy, Chania, and enjoy the good times. It's good to see you had such a happy family day. All the very best to you for the new year.

  3. What a wonderful day for you and your family.
    Your sweet Mama does indeed look happy, as do you!

    The food from yesterday sounds just wonderful and as always your presentation is perfect.

    Happy New Year very soon my friend!


  4. Beautiful, beautiful lucky are you all to be together. Rest up!

  5. Sounds like a fun time for everyone! Glad you could get all the family together. :) Enjoy your rest day!

  6. oh that is what christmas is glad to hear it was sounded lovely!

  7. That's such a great photo with your Mum. xx

  8. What a beautiful Christmas photo of your family, Chania. Enjoy relaxing today :) ~ Txx

  9. I'm so glad it all went well, Bris - nice looking family you have.

  10. Oops - I meant RAZ - not Bris. Just finished responding to Bris... sorry.

  11. Wonderful photo of your family and your Mum is so happy!

  12. What a beautiful family photo Chania and you are right, your mum looks so happy:) Glad you had a great Christmas. Yesterday was my day to put my feet up and it felt great.


  13. Looks like a lovely day, Chania!! Love your mom's happy face, too... long ago my Gran was in a Home and I remember how fantastic for her, and all of us, to wisk her away to spend time with family!! I'm a wee bit envious of your table/family pic - I got one of my family, but because I took the photo, I'm not in it!! No proof that I enjoyed the day with my family ;-)
    Victoria (DesignTies)

  14. Oh Chania you're Mum looks so CHEEKY....I swear I can see a SPARKLE & TWINKLE in her eye.... :o) !!

    This is a GREAT Family pic with everyone smilin' & lookin' towards the camera....hmmmmm....I bet it would look GREAT as a black & white....!

    ** sigh ** I wish I were closer....It'd be nice to pop over for some trifle & a drink....We could chat about our Christmases & start planning for next years....You know....What we WOULD do....What we WOULN'T....hahahahaha....!!

    Cheers for now Lovey,
    Tamarah :o)

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  16. Aww, such a great picture. I agree that your mom looks like she's having a great time. How wonderful for her and all of you that all her kids were able to enjoy a Christmas together. Too bad about the fight, but all that matters is that it dissipated and you came together to enjoy the holiday together. And it sounds like all went well.

  17. Your blog is beautiful, and so is your family! Loved the pic of Mooch, such a cutie. So happy I stopped by for a look. Happy New Year.


  18. The dinner gang look great and very happy - what a relief after frightening us all with last Thursday's spectacular! Wishing you a harmonious 2011.

  19. So lovely to see what you were up to Christmas Day on the other side of the world. Well done, what a lovely day free of tension. Good to get the tension out of the way before the day. Cheers xo

  20. Beautiful picture! I'm happy it was a great day.

    happy day... happy new year!

  21. What a beautiful eventful Christmas holiday!
    You made me smile when talking about your Mum, we to over here have to deal with a wheel chair and electric cart for my Mothers mobility. I can hear the commotion as clear as can be, I am sure it sounds very much like ours over here :)

    Happy to hear that all was eventful, thank you for sharing your Merry Christmas :)

    Thank you for your beautiful visit, your comment was the best.

    See you soon,
    Wishing you a Happy New Year
    Keep inspiring us.

  22. Looks like a perfect Christmas Chania! Happy New Year and all the best for 2011!

  23. It sounds like you've had a wonderful holiday - beautiful pic! We've done our share of wheelchair carrying too and my brothers-in-law are usually more shaken up too.
    All the best to you in 2011 and I hope the new year brings more good things to you and your family :)

  24. Oooh, I'm so envious of your wonderful family Christmas! It looks and sounds like everyone had a great time :-) And I bet your mom was thrilled to be surrounded by all her kids :-)

    Happy 2011!

  25. your family photo, made me smile. how beautiful.

    thank you so much, for the info on google and buying more space. hopefully it will be a easy transition. ; )

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