Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How to be alone-Spoken Artwork

I haven't got a clue how I captured this image.  I was out on the lake photographing feathers in the water.  The lake was choppy and I think water went over the top of the feather and captured the reflection of the sky and made the feather very blue.

Christmas is a time when we often stop and think about people who are alone.  We just can't bear to think of people alone at Christmas, or really any other time of year. We associate being alone with loneliness. 
But it is possible to be lonely, but not alone.

I recently came across this video on a great new blog I have started following called Dirksen Dabbles.  You can check out this blog here.
The video is called How to be Alone-Spoken Art.  I found it quite moving.
To view this video clicke here How to Be Alone-Spoken Artwork

I thought you may enjoy seeing it.


  1. Chania I think I could play that video 'How to Be Alone-Spoken Artwork over and over. You have captured it all in your blue feather.
    It's lovely.

  2. I love solace. I rarely get it, but adore it! Thanks for sharing this clip. Sonia :)

  3. Chania, I love your photo and how beneath the feather it forms a heart! I think people can be in a crowded room and still be lonely, while others can be all alone in the wilderness and feel anything but lonely!

    I'm off to watch the video. Merry Christmas my friend!

    Kat :)

  4. Chania, I love the solace that comes with being alone. It gives me the chance to go deep within and to fully be myself. As a therapist, I have found that people are often afraid of who and what they will find there, yet to live without that knowledge is to live a lie. Your photo is simply lovely! There is something to be said for happy accidents! I am off to watch the video. Take care and happy holidays to you, dear friend.


  5. Hi Chania,

    Just saw that you added me to your blogroll. Thank you so very much -will add you to mine too!!!

    Also, please feel free to come and share a coastal blog post on Dec 27th (through Jan 9th)! More info Here

    And I agree with Anne..., I love solace, and being with my "self".

    Wishing you wonderful Holidays!!



  6. Love the feather picture (Of course!). Love, love, love the video! Thanks for sharing it.

    We often want for others what we really want for ourselves. If we don't want to be alone, we wish that for others. But being alone can be quite amazing, like spending time with a good friend - someone who loves you unconditionally - learning more about yourself and going deeper into how you really are in life.

  7. What an amazing image Chania, and wonderful sentiments. Merry Christmas, and I look forward to all your lovely inspiration next year. Amanda xx

  8. Oh Chania I LOVE your blue feather & Tania's clip was AWESOME....What a TALENT....THANK YOU for posting it for us....!!

    We're hours away from Christmas here & I've been deprived of a family outing due to a sprained big toe (DON'T ASK) so I'm CHUFFED to be able to visit with Bethany tonight whilst I lay here with my foot in the air feeling like a 'dick'....hahahahahaha....!!

    Have a LOVELY night my Friend & a MERRY CHRISTMAS when it rolls around your way....!

    Cheers from Oz,
    Tamarah :o)

  9. I am gonna have a look at the video..
    Wishing you a happy Christmas eve.

  10. Hmmmmm...a little concerned about you Chania...Everything OK?

  11. Chania - from over here ...... love from Molly xx


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