Monday, December 13, 2010

A Shortcut to Amazing Homemade Marmalade

I make a lot of jams and jellies over the course of a year, and always Marmalade at Christmas.  Marmalade is best made with Seville oranges, which prove elusive here in Canada.
  I once made a trip to the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto just to buy Seville oranges, but due to the fact that they travel from Spain, they aren't as fresh as I would have liked. 
So Voila, I introduce to you something so marvellous, it makes Marmalade Making so much quicker and easier.  Ma Made is fresh Seville oranges, all peeled and pith removed in a can.  Along with either thin or thick shreds of gorgeous ribbons of orange peel.  If you have ever made it from scratch, you know how long it takes to de-segment an orange and zest it.  This is a Marmalade makers miracle! (I buy it ad Dennigers here in Ontario)
Look at that beautiful vibrant fruit........All you do is add sugar and water........... 
 And boil it until your whole home is fragrant with cooked oranges.......
 Pour into warm prepared jars, cap and process (boil under water) for 10 minutes.
Sit back and listen to the snappy, poppy noises as the jars cool, and you have beautiful gifts of the best marmalade you will ever taste.  I always do a nice ribbon and tag on the jars which I will show in another post!


  1. Hi Chania,
    I just wanted to stop by and say hello. I miss you stopping by. Hope you are enjoying a beautiful holiday season.


  2. I am going out to hunt for this as we speak! Wish me luck.

  3. Thanks for the tip you think Commisso's might carry it?

  4. Chania - I have a tin of Mamade in the cupboard. I won a bottle of Charmaine (poor man's champagne) in a raffle and used half of it instead of water in the recipe. It fizzed a bit during the cooking - but the taste was out of this world!

  5. You can find it at some British food stores. There is an online company that also sells it in Canada. Google ma made canada. One year Fortinos had it.

  6. Yum, I am sending to my favorite jam making friend. Maybe she'll take the hint?

  7. Yummy Chania, if only I were brave enough to to do this again. Thirty years ago I actually did did can vegetables and make jelly.

  8. Those jars of marmalade look so fabulous. I don't do jam making but if only I could find tins of oranges here in Australia, I could certainly be tempted to try!

  9. Yummy! My mom has always made marmalade so I get at least one jar every year.
    And I know how labour intensive peeling the oranges and pithing them is! I make candied orange peel every year to dip in chocolate. This year as I was selling the chocolates I made more than usual. It's always popular though.
    Your marmalade looks delicious!

  10. What a perfect gift. I'll have to email this blog post to local friends and hope they take the hint and make some for me...

  11. I want so badly to start canning again. I haven't done it since my mom passed away and frankly I think I have forgotten how. I love marmalade. I want to make this really really bad. Can the Ma Made Seville Oranges be purchased anywhere other than Canada? I live in Florida. I can always use Navels here but would like to try the Seville oranges. My mouth is watering.~Ames

  12. Yummy...I so love marmalade! Definitely a wonderful gift...I know that I would love to receive it! ~Deb~


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