Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bathroom Reno Before and After

The master bedroom bathroom is finally done.  The tub had a marvelous journey across America and finally arrived for it's installation. So now we have a lovely spot to bathe after living with this for 21 years. 
This was the closet on the left. 
And the 2 piece bathroom on the right.  For 21 years, this toilet has had a mind of it's own....trickling and whooshing at will, despite having it's parts replaced and tinkered with a dozen times.  The inside of the toilet was marked 1979. 
And here's the before view with the wall between. 
Wall gone 
And the after view.  The doorway is now right where that crucifix was hanging. (it has sentimental value and will be re hung).  Now the focal point from the bedroom is the sink and mirror. 
To the left where the closet once stood is the bathtub.  This is from The American Bath Factory and is beautifully made and priced about the same as many crappier acrylic tubs.  I ordered from CSN Stores and got free shipping. (hence the long journey) 
I used Polished Nickel light fixtures and taps from Restoration Hardware.  I first saw these taps 10 years ago at Restoration, and loved them immediately and knew I would use them one day.  
The other view towards the window.  It is hard to photograph small rooms!  I drew the plans for this bathroom 6 years ago in Design School for my final bathroom design project. 
And, the toilet, despite being in a new spot with all new plumbing and being a brand new Kholer, still trickles and Whooshes at will, waking me up at night.  We clearly need the plumber back to do something with it.
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  1. WOW! That is a seriously gorgeous bathroom. The tub is definitely my favorite part. Love the curtain rod on the ceiling as well. Beautifully done.

  2. Beautiful and so worth the wait. I love everything - the tub, the sink, the wall tiles, the floor tiles, the ceiling rod ...
    I now have major bathroom envy!

  3. Chania, dear, I love, love, LOVE what you did in this bathroom. You took a dreary, depressing space in your home, and made a masterpiece!! Everything was obviously chosen with great care, and it is beautiful.

  4. Gorgeous!! It makes me want to take a long bubbly soak myself!Sarah x

  5. That is just the prettiest bathroom !
    I love that tub. I see me in that tub, for hours, fingers all shriveled, music, candles and bubbles and quiet ... :)

  6. Oh this is a dream!!!!! You have all the high end finishes that i adore! I love love the basket weave floor...this is my favourite flooring for the bath. Love it all so gorgerous! This should be in a magazine!

  7. A beautiful reno! If you don't mind me asking, what kind of tiles were used behind the tub? Our bathroom reno is planned for February, but I have not yet decided about the tiling.

  8. Oh it looks magnificent! Very very luxerious. I want to have a bath in that bath was well worth the wait...Have a hot bubble bath for me Chania....I am so happy for you and your hubby and your bathroom!

  9. This is PERFECTION! Great job!

  10. Chania, OH MY GOODNESS!! This is beyond fabulous! Lucky, lucky you!


  11. oh my goodness...that looks fantastic! you must be thrilled. love it all....the tile, fixtures, tub, sink and especially the shower curtain rod...fantastic!!!

  12. Wow! Just beautiful. I bet you're really happy with it. Thank you for sharing the after pics with us ~ we've been waiting, but not as long as you :)

  13. Damn Girl!

    I knew it would be good, but this is just marvie! The tub! the tub! So sexy and voluptuous.

    Every detail and design so well though out.... You must step back and say to yourself..."Great job me!"

    It is lovely.

    Baby girl is home. We talked in my bed until 3 am and then she fell asleep right next to her mama. Baby girl is 20 today. sigh

    ......but my heart is happy.

    Have a wonderful day!


  14. I'm. So. Jealous.
    It's beautiful. I LOVE the floor tile the most.

  15. oh my goodness, i love your bath. I dream of a bathroom like that, its so pretty.

  16. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing the journey. I bet the bathtub has some stories to tell! ;-)

  17. i love it! just beautiful! that tub especially. love how you placed the faucet.

  18. Oh Chania this is a STUNNING transformation & I LOVE it....!

    Looking at what you've done has given me ideas for ours as we need to renovate due to the recent damage....Our shower unit is currently in the corner & we have a separate CRAPPY acrylic bath....I'd like to move the bath (a new REAL one similar in design to yours) into the shower area & have the shower over the top as you've done....This would then give us room to pop a second toilet in the bathroom (we have a separate loo with a basin next door to the bathroom)....hmmmmmm....Tick....wirr....grind....

    I'm SO GLAD your bath arrived safe & sound....It was WORTH THE WAIT for sure....!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)

  19. Just beautiful! And that tub?? is DELICIOUS!!!

    It is similar to a tub I fell IN LOVE with the other the Dec/Jan 2011 issue of House Beautiful.. pg 133.

    happy day!

  20. Wow Chania...that bath is a dream. If I had a bathroom like that I'd be spending an awful lot of time in there, gurgling toilet or not!

  21. Chania, it is magnificent. So warm and clean and pretty. Enjoy.

  22. What a breathtaking transformation. It's absolutely stunning and I like everything from the tiles, to the bath with curtain and colour scheme. After 21 years it must be such a plesure to bathe in there. I do hope you get the trickly toilet fixed. That would irk me after such a big reno, when you'd be expecting a new quiet loo. :)

  23. Chania, your new bathroom is STUNNING, just as I knew it would be. I absolutely LOVE your sink:) ENJOY that gorgeous space, especially that amazing tub! ~ Txx

  24. That tile is absolutely delish! Well done you!

  25. At the risk of sounding weird...can I come hang out in your bathroom?! It is simply gorgeous!!!

    Kat :)

  26. Your bathroom is absolutely gorgeous! You are a wonderful designer.

  27. Stunning material choices = an absolutely beautiful bathroom, Chania!! That tub is to die for! Congrats on your long planned-for ensuite!
    Victoria (DesignTies)

  28. you know I just LOVE american bathtubs!
    everytime we go to the US I just want to take those deco type rounded tubs with me on the plane home!
    lovely bathroom!!!

  29. All good things are worth waiting for! This is beautiful Chania. I love all of your choices and CSN for your tub - who knew?

  30. Oh my gosh, I've been waiting for this reveal. Your new bathroom is gorgeous. Every detail perfect. I'm especially in love with the tile and that sink. What a great sanctuary for your master bedroom. I hope they're able to fix that toilet, which seems to have a mind/life of its own.

  31. I WANT your bath tub.

    Mine is old.

    And PINK.

    That's right.

    The girl who hates pink has a pink tub.

    And a pink toilet.

    And a pink sink.


  32. This is truly beautiful and inspiring! I'm going to look at my bathroom in a whole new light now and see what I can do with it :-)
    And that tub is fantastic!

  33. It's stunning Chania! It's so different, that's what I like about it. You did a great job!


  34. oh my goodness. this is really something. my dream tub!
    p.s. thanks so much for linking to me! what a happy surprise!


  35. I love your new bathroom. What a transformation!
    Everything about your design is amazing, colours, textures, style. Great job!


  36. Can I live in your bathroom? I will pay you rent... j/k. I am absolutely in love with your bathroom though. I will be dreaming of a tub like that of my own .... Great job.

  37. You did a great job! I love your bathtub, and the overhall design of your bathroom looks amazing! I got some really good design ideas on
    Your bathroom is a great inspiration to me!


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