Saturday, December 4, 2010

Annual Festive Smestive Dinner

Last night was our annual Festive Smestive Dinner.
The first weekend in December we invite our neighbors for dinner before everyone is all partied out for the season.  I make it a sit down dinner.  Formally set table. And always a theme. 
This year the theme was India....
I was inspired by a beautiful block printed tablecloth that I found on sale, which is likely destroyed by curry stains...(soaking in the laundry sink) 
I used all of my silver accessories, mercury glass candle holders, some Indian Silver candelabras, teak and silver napkin rings. 
Of course you need a selection of Indian beers....courtesy of our friend Ricardo who always manages our liquor to food selections perfectly.
This candlestick was my sisters wedding gift.  She didn't like it so palmed it off to me....
I use it all the time.


Butter Chicken
Beef Vindaloo
Chicken Korma with Coconut Milk
Mango Chutney
Nann Bread
Basmati Rice
Mince Tarts in Puff Pastry with Homemade Vanilla Ice cream
Raspberry Trifle
Fresh Mango Juice

I made the main dishes, but went to a local Indian Market and bought the Samosa and Pakora and Nann Bread. Some things I just won't try myself. 
I love my Dining room in candle light.... the dusty corners don't show.
My favourite "wanka" water.  There is just something I love about these bottles.  I set them straight on the table even though they are plastic.  Someone did question why I have Polish water given that I preach about local produce and buying Canadian......I just don't have a good answer to that one. It's a design thing. 
I love paperwhites, but I hate the smell of them.  I bought two fakes instead.
All over the blogs when people talk of paperwhites, they say how they love the scent.
Is it just me?  UGHH. 
This year we were 12 .  The curries were made in crock pots, the rice made ahead.  All I had to do was set it on the table.  A very easy meal for entertaining.
I set up a very long table to extend into the living room. That way we are in front of the fire too. 
Trifle make great Breakfast Food. 
I don't have matching silverware or plates.  I use mismatched vintage cutlery and mix my old Buffalo China plates with plain white.  I found these stemless champagne flutes at my grocery store and we used them for mango juice, water, scotch and Baileys...They were cheap and fit easily into the dishwasher. 
A Really Good Tart


  1. This all looks gorgeous, how I wish I had been there! I like it that while everything has been carried out with style it is also 'real' and personal, with mismatched items and pieces with a family history. You would fit in well in our house! (Dust not seen in the corners when only candles are lit!)

  2. What a beautiful dinner party. I was absolutely salivating reading your menu...I LOVE indian food!
    I'm with you on the paperwhites too Chania...smell is too cloying!
    Wish I lived closer to you...I know I could fenagle an invite!
    Happy Holidays!

  3. Now THIS is inspiring! You make it sound so simple and yet it looks so grand.

    I was looking for your non ironed napkins LOL.

    I hope the stains come out of your cloth, Sunlight Bar soap is a miracle worker your should go pick it up... it tried it a few years back and now I know why it was the standard in my mothers laundry gets everything out I have tried it for.

    and a little secret..I did not even know what a paper white was until these last weeks when I saw them on blogs....wowow. I am not fond of the scent either.

  4. It all looks so rich and lovely! You would get along with my husband, he adores silver. I also love paper whites but hate the smell. I'm going to search for some fake ones!

  5. Yummy, we love Indian food. The table was gorgeous. I assume the Vindaloo was hot as everyone we have ever had was very spicy hot. I do no like the odor of paper whites either...kind of funeral flower like to me.

  6. Chania I so hope your table cloth survives the laundry soak because it's beautiful as are all of your table settings!

  7. That is the most fabulous menu for a dinner party. I love your setting as well. What a wonderful hostess you make!! xx

  8. I'm so hungry and too tired to feed myself.....
    Pop on over with some leftovers? Were there any leftovers? : (

    Damn! you are good at this entertaining thing aren't you?


  9. looks like a fun dinner party! I have yet to find what gets TURMERIC out of fabric!

  10. Paperwhite scent... ugh!!! Now daffodils I love...

  11. Looks beautiful! And I bet it was all delicious too.
    Actually I made Naan bread and it turned out really good. At least that's what Peter said and I choose to believe him. Haha!!
    We're having a dinner party tonight. Italian theme.


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