Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Home Made Greeting Cards....another easy gift.

I've been making gifts this year...avoiding the malls and the mass produced.  Since no one in my family likes vintage bits, I decided to make them a pack of greeting cards.  Blank, so they can write their own message.

I though it would be a way to use some of my favourite photos that I have taken this year.

You can buy blank cards at a craft shop like Michaels.  I bought 25 cards for $6.00. 
I picked my favourite photos and made a collage out of several.
You can do this easily with free software

     I printed them 4 pictures to one page, so as to not waste photo paper. Slice off the edges with an Xacto knife, then simply glue it with a glue stick to the blank card.

Package them in a clear cello bag and adorn with a trinket, ribbon or tag. 
 I used some of my clay tags that I made yesterday.   
 While I was at it I made this years Christmas Card from our family.  A collage of 2 photos.  Simple grey border around the photo. Handwritten scrawl inside.  (I used to work for a doctor and I had by far the worst handwriting in the entire hospital.)  

Here is a shot of the "variety pack" .  An assortment for various occasions.  I have 2 friends battling cancer this year and I think they would make nice gifts for them as they won't have to worry about picking up cards through the year.  And for my brothers who every time they are here ask "you don't happen to have a card I can borrow for so and so, do you?"
I am not sure how much they each cost to make.  The card and envelope was 25 cents.  Photo paper varies and you don't need to buy the really heavy stock.  You can do 4 cards per sheet. Printer ink is likely the most expensive part.  Even if it costs $1.00 per page, 4 cards per page is another 25 cents. So maybe 50 cents per card. 

Watch me get them all back on my Birthday.....


  1. Heya Chania....!

    Firstly Lovey I am SO SORRY your LOVELY family doesn't like vintage....My heart goes out to you there....Secondly....W-O-W....I LOVE your cards....You've picked some BRILLIANT combinations & I recognised MANY of my FAVES.... :o) !!

    Clever CLEVER you....!!

    Hope you're having an AWESOME week....!

    Tamarah xx

  2. I love this idea, and would love to receive this as a gift, so that equates to great present in my books. Your handmade label also tops it off with wrapping. You're very clever in the handmade department. Sonia :)

  3. Most of my family are not into vintage either. So sad! I love your comment about getting the cards back!

  4. What a fantastic idea. The cards/photos are gorgeous. Anyone would love to receive those.

  5. Wow this is BRILLIANT...and your photography so bright and cheery, especially the veggies...I love it love it.

  6. Your cards are absolutely lovely!!!

  7. Brilliant last line.....

    Aren't we both just the little elves this year?


  8. What a great idea! I love the cards and I'm sure the recipients will love them too.
    I've always loved making hand made gifts for people.
    Chocolates are my most popular one I think, but calendars are another one I make for people, using pictures of things that mean something to that individual. I made one with pictures of our trip to the U.K. for my husband last year.
    I better get to work on those for this year!
    Love your ideas and may steal some myself.

  9. Wonderful idea and they came out so lovely. Thank you so much for visiting me and giving me the "recipe" for your great tags. Kit

  10. They're gorgeous Chania. And it helps that you take great photos! x


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