Friday, January 6, 2012

Ancient Sea Shell

We're in Florida with the family.....the first time they have seen our Florida House.  They seem impressed.  They seem even more impressed with the price of liquor in Florida.....about half the price to Canadian booze. Most impressive is the California Champagne (oxymoron) that we buy at Walmart for $4.97.  We are a family of sparkling wine lovers, so we stocked up.
We have a house full, so while surveying the late night damages around the kitchen and living room this morning, I noticed the morning light captured through this beautiful ancient sea shell.  We met some people who liquidate estates and they let me buy this for a dollar...thinking no one would want it. 

It has bit of seaweed fossilized within the shell...which show up beautifully when back lit with sunshine.

And barnacles......dotted with barnacles ...............................

A simple window sill vignette.  I love the old metal 1930's windows in this house with the deep ledges and tiled ledge.

Florida has been chilly....12F but compared to the minus 20C back home, we'll gladly enjoy this.  Especially the sunshine.  The sun shines in St. Petersburg 360 days a year.......

I love the gentle lines underneath the shell...nature is really so incredible...who could design this better?

The glow only lasted about 10 minutes...the sun inched around the trees and it was gone.........................

I hope you all can capture a bit of sunshine today wherever you are......the weekend is near............


  1. Truly a thing of beauty .. I am in GA now and through February 9. Warmer than Bend OR, but cooler than normal here. Waiting for the 60s and 70s.

  2. Beautiful post:)
    I am a consummate shell gatherer, I keep a pretty bowl of them on a table to remind me of home.
    Your home by the way is lovely, the bits I can see of it in the photos, and the shell, well, goes without saying, you can't put a price on that beauty :)

  3. wow what a gift to see that this morning...

  4. That is so beautiful. You captured the light so perfectly!

  5. Beautiful Chania...Mother Nature is magnificent.
    BTW 7 degrees here today...positively balmy...people will be out in their shorts! LOL!

  6. we may actually get some sun today...but not for long!..Happy for you!...beautiful shell!

  7. The shell is beautiful. I would be tempted to try to put a light in it!

  8. It's almost as if you stuck an amber light bulb in that think and hit a switch. I love how it glows.
    Very pretty!
    I'll give you a buck fifty for it!

  9. The sun is actually shining here today and the weather is remarkably warm for this time of year. The shell is so simple yet so beautiful. Enjoy your stay and drink some wine for me!

  10. Lovely Raz. It reminds me of a dolphin's skull that I saw recently, washed up on the Dorset coast - very much like a giant bird's.

  11. It's saturday morning here and the sun is shining through my study windows onto one of my many buddhas...thank you for making me take the time to look. I agree with Tom...I was going to say it looked like a bird's head too :) Very beautiful.

  12. What a truly gorgeous shell Chania! I'm so glad you have been enjoying the sunshine in Florida with your family!

    Happy New Year!

    Kat :)

  13. absolutly beautiful, chania. simple and beautiful. glad you caught the light like that.

  14. Stunning! What a lovely shape it has! Okay, so we are getting a hint of your Florida home and it is looking very interesting. Love that painting I see on the wall. Oh and yes you can be happy with those temperatures as we are experiencing this crazy fluctuation of temps here in Québec....-24, then -6 etc. Crazy.
    Enjoy you lucky girl!

  15. I thought it was a lamp at first glance. What a great image you've taken and how great it must be to have a home away from home in a warmer climate!!

  16. So when will we see a new felted piece for the new home? You know they are my favorite things of yours..but this lovely shell is in the running <3

  17. Great find for a buck! Love how the light shines through.,hope you're having w lovely weekend and your temps are warming up a bit xo

  18. So you are in FL while we visit newlyweds in CA! Lovely shell, lovely area. I went to high school in Dunedin FL. A beautiful part of the state not too far from you. St Pete area would be my choice if we stay FL. Here in LA to explore possibilities while having fun family time? Please always feel free to contact me if u r in the Orlando area. Enjoy what seems to be a mild FL winter. Ann


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