Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What's going on in Florida Today .....The Florida Primary

Flying over the Bay in St. Petersburg.
What;s the news today in Florida....the Florida primary of course.....Political enthusiasts will be glue to the telly tonight  to watch the goings on.  Although it's not about Obama right now, we walked by the Obama office here on Central Avenue and picked up an Obama 2012 sign.  I wanted one of those 4 years back, but better late than never.  We are all a bit vague on American politics so we are have a pizza night around the telly to get the gist of what's going on.

Other than a few banners it's quiet around town.  We went to the Orange Grove Winery in Pasadena today. We had a nice tour and then a sampling.....All the wine here is made from fruit/veg other than grapes....such as bananas, mangos, carrots and tomato......now I am no wine buff......but.....but .....umm......hmmm.

A long stroll around the Bay in gorgeous sunshine...........when it's snowing at home you soak up the rays and appreciate every minute.  We look every time we are walking for manatees....but no luck.  We are also on the lookout for alligators...Will keep you posted on that one.

In the market there is always a cast of characters.... buckneers....

And something I have never seen in Canada.....dogs in strollers.....yep LOADS of people take their dogs out in strollers.....

With bows of course......
And this woman....I love this lady...she's there every week partying it up with the band...God love her.

Artists at work....

And my new favourite Jerk Chicken.....Jerk anything really.......except JERKS.

At least they are honest.......


This gorgeous glass sculpture is right outside the Dale Chuhuly gallery.

Loving this bug....
The best hotel in St. Petersburg Florida....The Vinoy.

I took my "7 minutes" (what the Sister at the church said to take every morning to start your day right).

I sat in my jammies outside with my coffee and camera and fed my blue jays peanuts. They are going to miss me when I leave next week.


  1. Sigh. 15cm of SNOW here tomorrow.

  2. What a difference just a couple of states away makes! It looks heavenly down there...how can you possibly make yourself leave.

    It's brown, crunchy and cold here! :(

    I'm a huge political junkie so I am glued to my television tonight to watch all the happenings. I love election time! :)

    hope you're enjoying yourself ~
    Sarah xo

  3. I've been trying to get a good pic of my blue jays. But the dogs usually bark and scare them away. I did get the male cardinal today. I had an Obama sign four years ago. One of the few in my conservative Texas neighborhood back then...

  4. Here we sit, in Argentina, watching Mitt Romney give his speech . :)

    We saw manatees around the docks and piers in Jaxsonville .. gentle slow moving things :)

    Love the birds~

  5. Jacksonville ... sheesh .. I will never remember to proof read !

  6. Well, I loved your pics and I would love to see an manatee in wild!
    and I decided to blog and not watch the primaries...since it will not change the outcome.

  7. We've had it pretty mild here in New England so no complaints but it sure looks great there. I never realized how weird it looks to have doggies in a stroller:)not that we do btw.


  8. Dogs are supposed to walk! Did you see the name tag on the stroller? It must go to daycare too.

    Love the bird pictures. American politics are sooooooo long. I try to avoid all the hoopla on TV. I find it very monotonous.

  9. When the kids were little, we used to lie on the beach at St. Petes' watching for the advertising planes to fly overhead so we could choose where to have dinner that night. Our favs were the 'all you can eat crab leg buffets!"
    Gotta love the insanity of Gingrich and american politics!
    +8 degrees and wildly sunny here today!

  10. Thank you for the "peeks and perks" of sunshine and warmth . . . and the glimpses of pink too . . .

  11. Well, of course I love my "shout out" with the Boston pic. lol. Yesterday the weather was perfect, wasn't it and it looks like you took full advantage. It WAS a quiet primary day around here, but lots of excitement as the results rolled in last night. I love the pictures of the birds, especially the jay with the peanut! Enjoy your sunshine Chania! Ann

  12. I'm from Chihuly's home town. My children went to the same high school as he. There is a small window gallery in the school library. It pleases me to view how is work has touched our world!
    My sign will be Romney in 2012, Obama's hope and policies have not been good for our home.

  13. Love this post Chania! The pictures are so nice and are making me very jealous as I look out to the snowstorm outside! S lifeofthree.com

  14. I'm feeling so relaxed while I'm looking at these great pics! That hotel looks so pretty. And your blue jays are lovely to share coffee with. I've been watching GMA with all the updates of the primary from Dubai. I can imagine the buzz when you're in the thick of it.

  15. Can I move in and sleep on that sleeper sofa of yours?

  16. What a fantastic trip. It's been cold and frosty here today.


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