Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kicking January's Butt

As soon as January arrives and the Christmas trees and garlands are tossed to the curb, the house takes on a vacant appearance.  Dim Winter light and short days rob the house of personality and vigor. Or is it me who loses my enthusiasm?

FOSTER PARENT.....I've been mourning the dogs again...strongly feeling the void of them not being with us. They forced us out into the Winter with such pep and joy, no matter what the day was like.  Constant companions and company for me who works from home.  Someone to lunch with.  I've been scanning the lab rescue site and completed an application to become a Foster dog parent.  Because we travel a lot, we can't own a dog, but a happy home and loving care for a few weeks may be just the thing. So please Lab Rescue....bring me a dog this January.....

Until then, I've been shuffling my bits, trying to bring my favourite colours like pink and plum and rhubarb into the house.  Other months, I can live with neutrals and whites, but Canada demands some rich colours at this time of year. I moved some books and discovered pretty covers, brought out my sock wool....perhaps I shall attempt a pair...or a scarf. 

And I've been tempted by the Valentines Candies lining the grocery store aisles since Boxing Day, competing with the Quality Street and Black Magic leftovers. An old sugar bowl filled with hot pink kisses adds a little zip to the coffee table.

There was actually a glimmer of sunshine this morning than shone briefly on my coffee table and perked up the bunch of sweetheart roses I purchased for myself. Most months I can pick from the garden some sort of bouquet, but January forces my hand to buy fresh flowers.

Tonight I am swimming at my friends indoor pool at her condo...a first attempt since I wrecked my knee in November paddle boarding.  Followed by a hot tub and sauna and of course long conversation with the girls. One has to work through January I think....a tough month in the Northern Hemisphere. It needs a firm hand.


  1. I think January and February both need a firm hand. Happy swimming!

  2. I like January and February because they are ideal for cocooning and hibernating. Perfect when working from home.
    (Maybe I'm just weird!)

  3. Although I do love what you have done to pretty-up your house Chania, I genuinely do not understand what all the fuss is about over January. I think it's lovely having the quiet dark mornings. And, for Canada, we are having an unusually mild month, so getting out and about really is no hardship. The Lake looks absolutely stunning in the cold air, it makes every sharp and well-defined. Evenings are long and lazy, with a fire and a good book. And tonight...American Idol begins...enough to welcome January all by itself!!

  4. In many ways we are having the same January/February.
    While it is sunny and very hot here, I am also sad with the missing of Pup and the wishing he were here to go to the park with and generally brighten our days.
    I know, regardless of the weather, they get you outdoors and keep your mind off of things .. any things but doggie things :)
    I have a friend in NC who fosters and finds homes for pups .. she has 7 .. they have a huge property and home but part of the reason, I believe, is that once she saw the pup and lived with it, she kept it :)
    We will wait until we know exactly where we will be living for a long time, before thinking of getting a pet again. I would never put another animal through what Pup went through- on Continental Airlines.

  5. I am so glad our vacation house is seventy miles away and I can put Clovis in the car and zip away with him. I do hope you get to shelter a dog. We have friends who foster greyhounds and I had no idea how really big they were but they have the sweetest faces.

  6. I love the bright touches you've added around your room. I actually don't mind clearing out the holiday stuff and having a bit of a sparse space for a while but I agree, January sunshine is required! And adding a few cheap grocery store blooms is always a nice treat. I long for a dog again someday - I miss Martha terribly since she was my shadow and being home all day alone, she's really left a void. I hope you get a Foster dog!

  7. Good morning. I have always lived in sunny cold grey winters with snow and sleet are something I have not been in since my childhood in Kansas. I do know how you feel about a pup though.....I could not imagine my life without our "Miss Sophie"......that is why we travel in our motorhome when we go anywhere around this wonderful country....we can take her "with".


  8. I find the first two months of the year hard to get through as well. It does almost feel like a hibernation period and then all of a sudden Spring shines through the window. Hope you find your foster dog Chania.

  9. Oh chania, I hope you get your lab rescue! What a great solution - you help them, they help you. I don't think I could go totally dog-free or cat free myself and would do exactly as you are doing.

    January and Feb are hard months after the fun (stress) of the holidays. May your year start out well and be filled with beauty and happiness. Ann

  10. Your living room looks so cheerful. You are right that keeping a positive attitude and cultivating happiness take effort, especially in the depths of a gray winter. It is a challenge to bring little bits of joy into our lives and to appreciate their presence, without over-looking them. Hang in there. It may be a little while yet, but spring in on the way. The seasons roll as they always have.


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