Thursday, January 12, 2012

Large Wood Rosary

I have been a long time collector of Rosary Beads.  Although I am not a Catholic, my Catholic mother in law used to make Rosary Beads for her church.  My kids used to help her.  They enjoyed that.  Especially making the black ones for Prisoners.....I still have some of the beads they made in my collection.  

Recently, Rachel Ashwell came out with a massive set of Rosary Beads for her Shabby Chic collection.  Hers are  $188.00.  Far to expensive for me to purchase.  I thought about making a set, but couldn't find the right size cross.  I was most surprised to find this gorgeous rosary at a second hand shop.  $25.00 with 20% off. 

Not sure what this writing is.  I believe it is a name.  I keep them hanging on the wall in an odd nook along with a large's beginning to look like a shrine.


  1. Black for prisoners? Wow, that kinda leaves me speechless.
    I have been looking for old rosaries for ever and never find any. Not enough Catholics or too many devout Catholics.....mmmmm any how I like them too and would want to see more of your collection.

  2. The beads look like they belonged to a priest. Fr. (Father) A. Iyanalansan?

  3. Love the rustic feel of it and the black prisoner bead thing is very interesting!

  4. Your rosary is much cooler than one purchased from shabby chic. It comes with a name and a story attached. I have never thought of making a rosary, but really like that idea. It is my suspicion that they are not easy to find in second hand stores because they are often passed down through the generations. My mom and aunts have some from their grandmother. I love the way yours looks draped near the iron candelabra. It brings an old mediterranean or Spanish feel to that area of the room.

    Thanks for your last comment. I am pleased to hear that things I said to you were helpful. Somedays my mission is all about spreading the love around, but I also appreciate your kindnesses to me.


    1. Hi Chania. Great to see your blog.. And settled in your lovely spot in Florida. I have started my projects blog.. Please have a look and we can be blogger friends..

  5. I would agree...probably belonged to a priest at one time. I collect rosaries and am finding more and more they are being sought after only to be torn apart and made into jewelry...which is sad to me, as the older rosaries have such a different feel than the newer ones.

  6. oh i'm so jealous. i would love a rosary like that. i am catholic. you should make them and sell them in your shop!

  7. It is a striking find Chania. My CC would love it as she collects rosaries.

  8. I didn't know about the black rosaries for prisoners. The things you learn in blogland. Your rosary has so much character. What a good find.

  9. It's really striking. The addition of the name makes it even more wonderful.


  10. I make rosaries as a hobby. Very few rosaries show up in thrift shops because most manufactured rosaries break easily and most thrift shops don't want to deal in broken pieces. If you ask at a thrift shop, you can sometimes get them to save broken rosaries and other bead work for you, but in my experience there is usually a thrift store employee who gobbles up such finds for her own projects. One of the best places to find old rosaries is Saint Vincent de Paul thrift shops; the donors are often Catholics and it is not uncommon for heirs/survivors, after taking what they want of Grandma's things to send the rest to StVdP.

    Most prisons will let prisoners have rosaries, but do not allow them a choice of colors; different colored rosaries can be used by prisoners to proclaim gang affiliations. I have heard of at least one prison which requires all rosaries to be white (less likely to stain laundry if rosaries get caught up in bedding or left in a pocket when sent to the laundry).

    I think the writing on the cross says Fra. Manalansan (Fra stands for Frater and means "Brother." (see for example Fra Angelico ) although it is possible that it says Fr A. Manalansan. Manalansan is a last name that comes from the Philippines.

  11. Love the look of the wood beads and cross...I guess it can mean many things to many people...I have little altars all over my house...some you would never know ... brings the sacredness into the home.

  12. My guess is African missionary priest.


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