Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Dad Threatened with Deportation

Photo from Mark at Our Simple Lives HERE

This is a blogging buddy of mine called Mark and his husband Fred and his adorable family of four children. They are a large family with close ties to grandparents, siblings and many close and supportive friends. Although I hate to add that these kids are all adopted, it is part of the issue I am about to explain, so I mention it only as a need to know with respect to the issues.  Adopted kids shouldn't be called that.  They are Mark and Fred's Children.  

They met over twenty years ago, married in California and then started their family.  The problem is Fred is French, in the USA first on a visa and then on a student visa.  Which expires.  Soon.  Because of certain US laws that discriminate against same sex partners, Mark cannot sponsor Fred as a spouse like most married couples.  With no sponsorship, Fred could be deported.  Mark and Fred could move to France.  France will not recognize that these children belong to a same sex couple.  Mark would have to give up being the official "dad" of these kids.  They are in a catch 22.  And it's serious.  A family is in great distress over this.  All they want is to be allowed to legally sponsor Fred as a spouse in the USA, and to keep their family together. Fred is a hardworking teacher, student, citizen and father.  He has contributed a lot to the USA, as a Resident and to society in recognizing the needs of Adopted children in America. This is a true American family, all the kids born and raised in the USA.  My opinion is America needs this man.  An American family needs this man.

They have met last week with immigration officials hoping for their application to be allowed. Their case even got the attention of CNN news. I wish them the best.  Mark has some info on his post about how you can help HERE.  Equal right have been won on many fronts...this one now needs your attention.

Thank you.


  1. Mark is a Dear Blog Friend and I so Pray they prevail in the Immigration Courts. My Son-In-Law was deported {Common Law Marriage w/our youngest Daughter} and they have a Family that is now split between two Countries {we're raising 2 of the older Children}... unique Family Dynamics are often not considered at all or recognized equitably and that is a shame, I have strong sentiments about it because it has also touched our Family and not in a good way.

    I'm going to pop on over to Mark's Blog and give some encouragement...

    Blessings From the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Thanks for sharing this incredibly unfair story Chania. I will go to Mark's blog and take a look. I'm curious, does the Canadian government recognize same sex marrieds as married? I hope this story ends happily. Ann

  3. This sucks...when are we going to accept that love is love and married is married.

  4. Now that's a real shame. A family is a family, no matter what gender.

  5. It's so important that this family is allowed to stay together. This is when I am reminded how limited this country's view of a family is.

    I will visit that blog immediately.

  6. I have read Mark's blog many times, and I just saw the headline about this on CNN earlier, but got distracted and came here. I am saddened and angered to hear this news and I will do whatever I can, no matter how little, to help them stay as a family in a country that claims to represent all of it's citizens! If an American man married a French woman this would be a non issue, so why shouldn't he be allowed the same rights!


  7. Thank you for posting this. What a dreadful situation for this family to be put in.I do hope they will be successful in their fight.My heart goes out to them and I am going to visit their blog now.I just don't understand the narrow minded approach to situations like this by the authorities. Its just wrong.

  8. Oh. What a tragic situation for them. I hope some compassion is shown when officials decide what is to happen to this family. My fingers are crossed for them and their children. xx

  9. Thanks for posting this, I'm always so behind with the important news.

    Thank God they don't live in Virginia. Pennsylvania seems downright liberal compared to here.

    I will do what ever I can to help. Thanks again for the heads up.

    xo Jane

  10. I just got back from visiting Mark's blog. What a disturbing story. I am always dumbfounded that in 2012 governments have not moved beyond this point in their thinking. I am hoping that the media attention will bring some movement on their part. In Canada this would not be an issue. By law their marriage would be recognized and they would be allowed to sponsor their partner. Unfortunately their is a gap right now for Americans attempting to marry in Canada and have their marriage recognized in their state. That is due to the fact that their state does not recognized same-sex marriages.
    I hope you don't mind this long comment.... but I feel people need to educate themselves and force change on these ridiculous laws.

  11. The whole thing seems silly when it should be so simple. A family, two parents and they should all be able to be together. Lots of prayers and good energy to them to help them on this journey.

  12. You're so sweet for posting this and spreading our story around the world. You are not only trying to help us, but at least 38,000 Families just like ours.
    I think I must be growing used to this in our lives. I know the seriousness of it but it almost seems normal to me these days. After decades of thinking about it, it's become part of my life.
    Thank you so much for posting this and a special thank you to your Readers and Friends for their kind words and for visiting me.
    I feel like I'm in debt to the world. How can I ever pay you all back?


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