Sunday, January 15, 2012

Gifted...Anthro Tea Towel and Marmalade.

Anyone who gets a gift from me knows it's unlikely to be wrapped in a gift wrap or gift bag as it is against my rules to buy gift wrapping. I will reuse wrapping if it's gifted to me, but I can always make do with using the reverse side of a grocery store paper bags and pretty boxes and papers from other discarded packaging. I also like to gift handmade things when practical.  You can see some other gift wrapping ideas of mine HERE and HERE. In 2012, I will not buy a single piece of gift wrap. Not one penny will be spent on this throwaway item. 

My neighbor Disey did me a favor last week and I wanted to gift her a little something to thank her.  While in Florida I found this gorgeous appliqued tea towel at Anthropologie.   Because Di loves to bake and especially loves cakes, I knew she would LOVE this towel.  Plus she is a laundry queen and I know she can keep it white.  

It has lovely chain sttiching and embroidery

I wrapped up a marmalade for her breakfast.

I thought a nice pot of my homemade marmalade would be a treat for her breakfast.  I simple placed it in the tea towel gathered the edges and tied it with ribbon. No tape, no paper, no garbage.  She can return the jar to me for a refill.


  1. I remember your post about wrapping a little while ago and I have tried to follow your lead.Wrapping paper is such a huge waste of resources. I am going to try and be more 'home-made' and resourceful this year! Sarah x

  2. I love those Anthro tea towels. Lucky neighbour!

  3. I wrapped everything this Christmas in brown paper (which I have to buy because we send parcels) and tied them with twine. I collected little pine-cones which I wired with collected pine boughs. They looked lovely...everyone said! No Christmas wrap and no tape...just folded and tied.
    I love your marmalade. I found the Ma Made at our little supermarket in town and as soon as I'm off this calorie-counting thing, I'm going to give your recipe a go!

  4. My kids would love this post. They always laugh that they get gifts every year in green cardboard boxes from a store here called Simons. They have these lovely gift boxes that we just recycle with a nice ribbon which is also recycled. I am going to tell them that I am not alone! Good on you!

  5. I do not buy wrap either and used wine bags from Trader Joe's. For that matter I do not really give many gifts at Christmas anyway.

  6. wow lucky friend...I love marmalade and I love your tag!...the t towel is adorable!

  7. That's such a good idea. Two gifts in one!

  8. Charming as ever. And I'm sure delicious. Off for breakfast without your marmalade unfortunately:)

    xo Jane


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