Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Found Money

Last month the Raz Man and I decided to challenge ourselves to find an extra $2012.00 in 2012 to invest in our Retirement Savings Plan at the end of the year.  We certainly could have sliced our grocery budget, travel budget, and judging from all the wine bottles I returned this month, we could certainly cut the wine budget. The purpose, however, was not to find it within our pay cheques, but from other sources,  In our case, this should be called Lazy Ass Money because we have many ways where could save and/or make money, but we lack the time and motivation . We're just too plain lazy a lot of the time to make the effort to make money.

Last month I signed up for Ad Sense with Google because if you blog a lot, I figured you may as well make money on it. We also sold a washer and dryer, that previously we would have let the delivery company take away for free when they brought the new ones. 2 little things make us $121.15.

This month, The Raz Man raised the most $$ by listing and selling his Kayak on Craigslist. We should have shipped this to Florida when we had a chance, but it was sitting in storage unused and likely never to be used now the cottage is sold. He got full asking price of $350.00. My Ad Sense revenue went down a bit this month and I only make $10.21. I used to leave my wine bottles out on recycle day and a gentleman would come and take them.I never thought much of it, but assumed he was homeless or in need of cash. I later saw him outside his quite large house in a great neighborhood, and I realized he was smarter than me. He was out FINDING MONEY. So I took an embarrassingly large number of bottle to the Bottle Return and got $15.10.

So February ends with a whopping $375.31 in FOUND MONEY. Total so far in 2012 $496.46.

For March, I am looking at ways to up my Blog revenue, as well as selling some furnishings and mistakes that have been sitting around. I have an appointment with a consignment store tomorrow.

It would be great if you linked up to any Found Money ideas you have BELOW


  1. How much do you make from Ad Sense, Raz?

  2. My experience with Ad Sense is that it takes a while to really kick in. It will get better, believe me. Love the idea of Found Money.


  3. I keep thinking I will sign up to Ad Sense then I shy away from the part about giving them my bank account numbers :(
    I am taking notes, while we save money just by living where we do, Found Money is nothing to sneer at.
    Perhaps I can just cut back on how many cafes we stop at each day ?

  4. I clicked on that link and it goes to a "Not Found" site.
    Anyway, all great ideas. In 2011, I got rid of so much stuff that I could have sold. But, I was just wanting it gone. I still have a ton of crap that should go and since I'm now in no hurry, maybe I'll list it.
    Congrats on working towards your goal!

  5. Some great ideas, Chania! good for you. I'm in the middle of working on my tax return (ugh), so I appreciate your positive post today! I'm going to go and search for money now. ;)

  6. Love this and I am still "mind collecting" all the ways I can "make money". I have to move out of my head and into action! NOW . . .

  7. Those are all great ideas. I have some old furniture to get rid of. I'd be interested to know about the consignment shop and any other ideas you get about increasing your blog revenue.

  8. Did I ever tell you how I do not spend or use change but always save it all year.I only ever give paper bills... Hannah and I have gone to a Utah Shakespeare festival many years on our "change" alone. Clerks get upset when they say "do you have a penny, nickel etc..but I always reply no and pocket the 99 cents change... Sometimes they try to drop it in themselves and I say Please don't.. Not exactly found money but more like already there money - just saving differently money - but I thought it might help you exceed your goals faster and give some others folks a way to save without pain..

  9. Well done, Chania! My very small contribution is to click on your ads...

  10. You guys are good! We fall into the same habits and should take on the same challenge. I had no idea the Google ads would bring in that much. When I asked someone she said that she got about $8 in the whole year so I never bothered. I might just reconsider, especially since I really had to hunt to find your ads.

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