Monday, February 6, 2012

Finding Money-A Challenge for Bloggers.

The Raz Man and I decided that we were going to save an additional $2012.00 in 2012. And we also decided it wasn't going to come from our pay cheques or from lopping $25.00 here and there from the grocery bill (which is a good idea in itself). It was going to be found money. Money waiting and lying in the wings to be found. We felt there had to be sources of cash that we overlooked or were just too lazy to take a good look at. So all year, we are going to find these sources of cash and CASH IN.

If anyone is interested in this as a Challenge, I can do a Link Up on the first of each month.?????? If you wish to do so, you are already a month behind so you have 11 months less a week to find $2012.00 in your house. But you can do it. Think how great it will feel in January 2013 when you go to the bank to invest your $2012.00.

Over the next few weeks I will post some ideas as I discover them.  I also plan to have some guest bloggers, so if you have some great ideas please contact me and we can post them to help us all.

My ideas are mainly to make money on things we do everyday or have lying around unused which are basically money badly spent and wasting away. We will unload on Craiglist stuff we no longer need, make the time to return our beer and wine bottles to the store for the deposit money (I've been leaving them in the recycling bin as I hate bottles in the garage. A fellow comes by and takes them and I thought it was a good idea as maybe he needed the money, but then I saw him outside his own house and it was twice the size of mine. He's just smarter than me) So, I will return my bottles from now on. Saving coins, returning unworn items to stores that allow it past the 30 days etc.,  Each month I will recap what we did and how much we "FOUND".

Ad Sense.  I put a lot of effort into my blog, and although a lot of people hate ads on blogs, I decided that Blogger was going to pay me for my material.  I signed up for AdSense, placed it as un-obtrusively as possible on my sidebar and let it run for the month of December. In December I made about $12.00.  But in January I made over $21.00. Found money. Money we didn't have yesterday.

We needed a new washer and dryer for our Florida house.  The set we had there were apartment sized and far too small to handle loads of sheets and towels that people staying at the house needed to do before departing.  Lowe's takes away your old appliances for free when you buy new ones.  Normally, I would go for convenience and let them haul it away, but I was curious as to where they went. I asked the sales guy  if they went to a charity and he said NO.  They sell them at auction or to used appliance shops.  So Lowe's makes money on my old goods.  Which is fine because who wants to lug a washer and dryer yourself?.  I called a local church to see if they had an Outreach program and someone who needed them, but they didn't.  We were out driving and spotted a place called Nu to Yu Appliances.  The sign said "We buy your old appliance."  I called them and in 20 minutes, David was at the house with a dolly and hauling them out (with a bit of help from me).  Gone.  $100.00 in my pocket. 

So January finished with an extra $121.15 in our pocket.  At they end of the year, we are going to put this into a Retirement Savings Plan which means we will save the % of tax owed on it in that year and the return on investment in 10 years could be around $526.09. If we can do that each year for 10 years, when we are 65 we will have an extra $25,000.  Now I know the best way to save is to spend less, and we plan to do that too, but this is an interesting experiment in realizing how much money you can find without working that hard. 

February is off to a great start.  I will recap this month on March 1 and if any of you would like to join in (although we are a month behind in starting ) I will do a Link Party on March 1, so keep track of your found money.

1 = .08
2 = .17
3 = .25
4 = .33
5 = .42
6 = .50
7 = .58
8 = .67
9 = .75
10 = .83
11 = .92


  1. EXCELLENT . . ., in fact, VERY EXCELLENT!

    I am going to see if I can make it happen "Out of My House!" . . . Now to get started . . .

  2. Good for you for being smart! It just takes a little extra work I guess...this really intrigues me and can't wait to see what I can do and what your other ideas are. I'm impressed with what your plans are with the many people would be more than happy to spend their found money. :)
    Hope all is well ~
    Sarah xo

  3. How interesting, Chania, and what a wonderful idea. I applaud your spirit and determination, and I bet you will outstrip your target. Too much stuff goes to waste!

  4. Well done! I'm always on about how we waste so much money and never have enough time to do car boot sales etc but it just goes to show there is money out there to be had!
    I can't wait to see how much you make in a year.

  5. Perhaps you could pass these ideas on to some girls that I know who like purses, clothes and wine!
    Other places that use up money quickly if they aren't managed - cable TV(30 channels when 15 will do), Internet (high speed when regular is fine), telephone (long distance plans never used).

  6. What a great idea. I've just redone the living room and have a few furniture items to sell. I'll put them on Kijiji and see if I can't get a few dollars for them.
    And I think I'll look up Adsense again. I used to have it on my website but I'll try the blog instead.

  7. What a great idea. I'm new to your blog but will be sure to come back!

  8. This is a great idea! I'm looking forward to all your ideas to find money.

  9. Count me in, in and IN! Love this idea. Really, you are right, simple but all in the act of opening your eyes to the possibilities that are right there. Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. I don't know if I can completely join in- my time is frantic these days but in the past three days I have sold over 500.00 from my garage sale pile in the garage! Woot and the sale isn't until the 18th! I am also dropping my home phone as soon as my cell phone contract is up ( april) and I can renew with some other carrier ..that will save only 20.00 a month but hey! so lets see the phone will save 160.00 plus the 500 so far...I might make it :D

  11. We too have started trying to save/find money in new places. My son goes on a school trip to Italy next year and we have been saving cans and bottles for redemption and selling off miscellaneous items on eBay to help fund it.

    Normally I go the easy route too- sending off all my kids' and my own clothing/shoes that we no longer need to Salvation Army but I've started separating things now and anything I suspect will bring in more than a dollar or two goes into the "sell it" pile.

    You do have to deal with a bit of a pile somewhere in the house to do it, but we have a large basement, so I'm okay with it! Can't wait to see what other ideas people can come up with!

  12. Chania some great ideas and I too as some others have not explored Adsence, it may be worthwhile!

    Art by Karena

  13. Chania, I love this idea also. For me, it has come down to just not spending as much. Moving into a small house has been a boon in that way. I simply don't have room for more "stuff." Monetizing the blog is an excellent way to start. I have no problems with this idea. There are many people ou there who complain, but even with the ads, your blog remains lovely. They don't detract all from the quality you put out here. I plan to try this some day also. Good luck with your plan, and thanks for the inspiration. Challenges like this serve to make me more aware of my own spending and saving. Oh, yeah... welcome home! I really enjoyed the photos of your walkabout around St. Petersburg.

  14. This is brilliant Chania...well done you. Going on a treasure hunt round my house right now!

  15. Think I just might have to try this!

    I like to take my clothes to Plato's Closet and Revolver when I've grown sick of them. I'm sure I can find some items around the house to throw on Craigslist.


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