Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Foster Dog

He's not still enough to get a good photo.
I've been hoping to be able to foster a dog for a few weeks now.  And last night I got "THE CALL".  I can't imagine how it must be to foster a child because I was a mess of excitement and worry.  I worried that the cat wouldn't like him (ok on that front), worried that he would whine and cry (ok on that too).  Worried that he would be homesick. He's antsy and follows me everywhere, but is wagging his tail and slept through the night. We went walking at midnight and had snacks before bed.   

He is OBSESSED with his ball and bag of toys that arrived with him, and keeps plonking the wet smelly ball in my lap.  I am going to have to make the ball an outside thing.  Other than that he is in great shape, kindly and a real sweetheart.  He needs a home where he can settle in to the routine as he's been passed around a little.  He hasn't a clue who his mamma is!

If you want to check out the other labs at the rescue you can go to a  But I warn you...once you read their Bio's your gonna want one of these babies.  

I've put him to work cleaning up the yard.  Oh...and his name is Hunter.


  1. ah Chan he's so precious. I love him.

    When can I come meet Hunter?

  2. He's a beauty. And looks like he is full of love. So are you so it's a perfect match for now. :-)

  3. Omg he is gorgeous. How are you going to be able to give him up?

  4. Bless you for fostering! I would become the crazy dog woman if I did it since I would take one look at those eyes and be hooked, and I'd end up owning 100 dogs!!! Give Hunter a big hug and kiss for us please.

    Kat :)

  5. How wonderful that you did it and that the call came. The last image is terrific. We have friends who adopt and foster grey hounds and it is a real calling for them.

  6. Good looking chap . . . where have I been . . . have not heard of "foster dogs". Don't think I can read on the site . . . I will turn into mush. I turn off the APSCA ad when it comes on the TV . . .

    Wonderful you are fostering this handsome boy . . . and wonderful for him!

  7. Oh, goodness, what a handsome boy! He will be so happy in his new home.


  8. He's a handsome lad. Are you going to keep him?

  9. Hunter sounds like the perfect house guest! What a sweetie. You're not going to want to give him up, you know.

  10. He's so beautiful! Or maybe I should say handsome. How could you possibly give him back?

  11. Oh, how sweet, i have a black Lab too....her name is Sheila!!! Have a wonderful time with this sweet boy!

  12. Oh Chania he's BEAUTIFUL....I hope Hunter gets to experience his FOREVER home soon....!!

    Mr SVJ & I tried fostering last year however, when we got 'the call' & Hartley came into our lives it turned out we were MISERABLE Foster Parents 'cause we couldn't let her go.... There term for this is FOSTER FAILURE but were OK to have failed in this instance as we ADORE her....!!

    Good luck....!!!!!

    Cheers,Tamarah :o)

  13. Oh, my hands actually clapped when I saw your post header. Hunter is a lucky boy and I can totally imagine the nerves you felt when that call came. He is a beauty and I have no doubt he will acquire the manners of a gentleman in no time under your watchful eye. Ann

  14. lol, you made me cry.
    I got through the whole day without crying over a dog ... now you've gone and done it !
    He is so beautiful. I love how blue/black he is ! and that face ... Chania, how will you let him go ?!
    I have such fond memories of the wet slimey ball in the lap
    One thing, he will probably cling .. I have a friend who fosters dogs all the time while she finds homes for them and they cling .. they just want a mama for their own.
    Okay, enough for me, weep weep :) give him a pet from me.

  15. I work with foster children have for years.....I couldn't be a foster parent for a child or a dog....I woulnd't want them to are my hero......and hunter is a sweetie pie.... Hugs to you for being a wonderful giving loving woman

    PS>..I still LOVE my dash and albert rug...thanks!

  16. Oh, he's so cute!! I don't know if I could foster animals, I'd end up wanting to keep them all, especially cats...I'd be the crazy cat lady :)

  17. oh he's wonderful. I could never do this. I would want to keep each one. Hunter is adorable. Good for you!

  18. Such a very handsome guy!! Labs are just such great dogs. My yellow girl is going to be 13 in July. I'll be devastated when she passes.


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