Monday, February 20, 2012

Found Gift

My Sister is the family Deer Spotter. We live in the suburbs but she still manages to spot deer. She goes to get gas, she spots deer. She drives to the nursing home to visit Sweet Mama.....she catches 3 deer crossing the road. She tells me where to look but I never see them.  My daughter even saw one running along the sidewalk a block or so away from our house. But me, I am never lucky is spotting the stealth like suburban deer.

I've been looking for a stag horn lately....not outside, but in flea markets. I spotted 2 in Florida, but didn't want to even attempt fate by trying to bring them back to Ontario. Having no luck, I asked Big Sister to find me one on her walks. She walks daily in a big Provincial Park near her house. She's walked there for 16 years and never seen one.  Last week she spotted one in a field.

It's has 4 points so likely comes from a youngish deer. Since removing plants or any material from a Provincial Park is forbidden, she had to be stealth like in leaving the Park with it. So she stuck it under her sweater. According to my sister, this was most uncomfortable. In her words "not a recommended thing to try, unless you want a free piercing !" She then gave it a soapy bleach bath, boxed it up and dropped by for coffee with it.

It was such an unexpected surprise and welcome gift. Now I've requested she combs the 1600 remaining acres and finds me it's mate. Both Foster Dog and Girl Child have been eyeing it. Girl Child is looking for accessories for her new pad, and Foster Dog views it as a 4 point bone. I am not parting with it.


  1. Love it! It really is such a cool gift.
    Now, can you get me a photo of your Sister with that thing under her sweater. I really need the laugh!

  2. It is fabulous Chania. I now have several and love them amassed in different spots in the house. Also on the deck. We have deer in the backyard eating my birdseed and flowers all the time. We, thankfully have lots of woods near the yellow house and Joe just purchased the one acre lot next to the house which is wooded and the deer walk through it all the time.

  3. UH ..sweetie? Place it much higher and out of reach. Canine family member is way too clever... :D

  4. OMG...I love it. HOw lucky was that?! I spotted a deer hoof acting as a candy dish at our local flea not quite the same thing! ;)

  5. Awesome. My husband and I saw a big buck not too long ago in a tiny strip of woods between dozens of car dealerships. When we drove by there again a few weeks later that little strip of land had been cleared to make another road. So sad...

  6. Oh Chania I LOVE it....Better add ME to your list....**wink**....Now I'm with Mark....Tell your Sis we want a pic....hahahahaha....!!

    Have a FABULOUS week Lovey....!!

    Tamarah :o)

  7. Yes, please, I cannot imagine the staghorn under a sweater without a picture. Maybe a recreation of the act? I wondered if FD would think it was a bone, I know mine would. Ann

  8. I'll be on the lookout down here for you. I remember when I was expecting our first child, hubby and I went to a park in Halifax where we were living. He kept filling my arms up with pine cones as we walked along. After we got in the car he told me it was illegal to take the cones out of the park. So he got me to carry them!!! What a guy.

  9. Your sister and I share 'the gift.' My friends and family roar with laughter and roll their eyes when I go all ga-ga over deer. I think they are miracles ... parading around in antlers. I love your new accessory ....

  10. I'm always on the look out for sheds. I feel so lucky when I find them. It is a luck charm indeed.

  11. What a lovely find! I see deer all the time but have never come across horns. You'd better hope it doesn't become a Dentabone for your dear doggie :)

  12. I've spotted deer several times,...once on our old golf course two young deer stood grazing beside me as I teed off on the ninth hole (they were not impressed!); once while running in Mount Pleasant Cemetery on Yonge Street in Toronto. This time a fully antlered male came galloping passed me and my running partner. My partner and I stopped dead in our tracks, he looked and me, I looked at him and I said: "Did I see what I thought I just saw?" He nodded in reply...awesome. And thirdly, in the preserve at our old home in Ft. Myers Florida...Mama and two offspring lazily grazing in the warm Florida sun.
    I'm with Z...raise those antlers and watch out for cute counter-surfers!


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