Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The King's Chair

The ice is flowing already because of the mild Winter.
Foster Dog gets me out of the house on cold days, which is why I love having a dog in the house. Honestly, is there anyone more excited than a dog to get outside?. Yesterday we walked up and down the 12 Mile Creek near our house. Up the creek to the North Bridge, over, then down and over the South Bridge...a perfect loop and 1 hour walk. Half the walk is on the quiet paths in the woods, the other half down a fairly busy road. I am beginning to think that Foster Boy is a country dog at heart as he seems to despise the traffic as much as I do. Our Destination was the mysterious King's Chair.

From the top of the bridge there is a lovely view of the creek that flows down into Lake Ontario.

On the busier side of the creek, they are building an 8 story retirement home. Lovely for the seniors, not so nice for the neighborhood. They are moving the original farmhouse and have already got it on pillars to move.

We heard a commotion from the geese squatting on the ice.  Suddenly a fox went running by..trouble.

Along the foot path in the forest is a large chair carved into a massive tree stump (6 feet tall) For a year this stump was left after the City took down a threatening tree. One day, according to legend, 2 burly men arrived in the woods with saws and carved a magnificent chair "the King's Chair" along the path. Children from all over the neigborhood like to walk to the King's Chair. It's become a destination for walkers.

There was a lot of chat around the park about the mystery of the chair.The local paper even featured an article about the strange appearance of it. Copy cat chairs have started to spring up along paths in nearby neighborhoods. But none with the mystery of the "King's Chair". I know who carved it, but I like the Folklore attached to it. No further comment.

A little worn now, but you can see the crown at the top.


  1. I think it's so cool to move an entire house. It makes me sad to see beautiful homes destroyed just to put something ugly up. And I'm glad when folks make the effort and spend their money to save something gorgeous. Because I'm sure it's not an easy or cheap task to do.
    Love the story of the King's Chair.

  2. How charming to walk up on that chair, especially if you know nothing about it.

  3. What a lovely spot you have for a walk. That chair is great!

  4. Enjoying a walk with Country Dog, water vistas and then King's Chair must have been very pleasant. You have great posts and a wonderful blog!

  5. I'd never heard of this Chania...am definitely going to put it on my 'too-see' list for rambling in the summer! Thanks!

  6. This is along Bronte Creek? I'll have to check it out next time I'm in your neck of the woods! :)

  7. What a fun post, Chania! Great photos and that King's Chair is just fabulous.
    Glad that counter surfer is behaving himself.

  8. Foster Boy, really won't want to go home. Chania your pictures are lovely.

  9. That is very cool! We went for a walk down by the 16 Mile Creek yesterday. It was beautiful. It was a lovely day and a lovely walk, although there was no King's chair on our walk. (Where is the 12 Mile Creek exactly?)


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