Sunday, February 26, 2012

Foster Dog Update.

A friendship/acceptance is starting for form between Hunter and Hannah Cat.
Girl Child told me to stop writing about the dog....but I just can't. He's just too full of adventures and sweetness not to take his picture and rattle on like a proud Mamma.  The first rule of Fostering is not to get too attached,  but let me tell you.  Girl Child has failed miserably on that front.  She spent a good part of reading week at the house and this boy followed her everywhere and she him. Well behaved boy that he is, he refused all offers to sleep on her bed.

He no longer escapes from the laundry room when we go out. The door is firmly locked and we pick the lock to get him out. He will eat the cat food if he thinks I've gone out and left him alone, and he has forged a quasi friendship with Hannah Cat. He really is such a lovely, well trained and lovable dog. I'd keep him if we were planning another dog. 

You may notice his bandage on his foot. He had a brief stint at another foster home right after he was surrendered (horrible term for it) and the alpha dog in that house didn't take to him and gave him a few sharp bites, one cutting his eyelid, which I noticed and bathed and it has healed, and the other that I failed to notice on his foot. A bite can be nasty on the skin, and this has festered and he is left with an infection and sore foot. He's twice been to the vet and is now on antibiotics. He's twice removed the dressings the vet applies. Last night I gave it a warm salty water compress, then pulled out my tool box of bandages and found an extra tough stretchy, sort of sticky, tensor bandage and have wrapped it snugly so he can't chew it and hope now he's on the mend. He may not be mine, but he's making an impact, snuggling his way into our lives and hearts. I do hope he finds a loving home soon.  For more info on Fostering a Labrador or Adoption, see

Finally a bandage he can't get off.


  1. Love your photos, words, sweet photo of Foster Dog and Cat . . . and especially the sunshine of warmth that Foster Dog has found with you!

  2. Chania, it sounds like you have fallen in love with this beautiful dog. Maybe you weren't "planning" a dog, but you may have one now. The ones I've not planned have usually been the ones I've bonded the most strongly with and end of being the loves of my life. I love it that he and the cat are gettin along too. My lab loves cats. Hugs to you. P.S. Tell the girl child we love hearing about Hunter.

  3. He is a sweetie. I hope you can let him go when the time comes! Write about him all you want, too!

  4. He's killing me! Too cute :)

  5. What a beautiful dog. It sounds like he landed in a pretty good foster home!

  6. He is so lucky to have you for his temporary home. Hopefully someone will soon appreciate his good nature and adopt him. We are new to dog ownership, and have had our chocolate Lab for 1.5 years. We got him from a good breeder, but being newbies I really didn't know anything about lab rescue or adoption. This is certainly something I will keep in mind and share with co-workers/people who stop to ask about our dog on walks.

  7. He's gorgeous Chania...don't know how you do this, but God bless you for it!
    Eldest daughter has just adoped a 7-year old cat, Henry...we have all fallen in love with him.

  8. Foster Dog thinks it's so much better being able to live with you too

  9. Please don't stop writing about him. I know you werent planning a dog but maybe it was just meant to be. He seems like part of the family (bloggy family too). No pressure but I think it's meant to be :)

  10. Oh will not be easy to see this one go. I imagine that knowing he will have a home is always reassuring but he seems like he has settled so nicely into your home. Lovely picture of the two!!

  11. Bless his heart, he is so beautiful and sweet.
    You know I would take him if I were up there ..
    Pup had this cyst on his foreleg and the vet took care of it but he had a wound there for a long while.
    ( apparently there were things we did not know about going on in him that kept him from healing completely ) The vet would wash it , pour sugar on it , put gauze over the sugared spot and wrap it in elastic bandaging. The bandages from the vet are this great elastic stuff that clings to itself so you don't have to fasten them shut with tape or pins or anything.
    Pup usually wore one that was blue with white paw prints on it :)
    Each day I changed the gauze, washed and added sugar to the wound and it was amazing to see how fast and well he healed. Try it. Can't hurt.
    I love the way the cat is just sitting there, meditative and serene, like she isn't planning to do something when you aren't looking !

  12. What a love! Oh I hope he finds a forever home soon <3

  13. Aw, that Hunter! So cute. It will be hard to part with him when the time comes. xo

  14. Oh Chania....I wonder what the 'foster failure' rate (foster careers who KEEP their fur kids) is....I ask this question as I glance ADORINGLY down at little Hartley purring softly to herself....Matthew tells me NOW that he knew we would never be able to give her up when we took on the role as her foster parents....hahahahaha....!

    I wonder how this story will end....**wink**....!!!!!

    Tamarah :o)

  15. I like hearing about Hunter and am glad he is healing well. He seems like such a doll, and he seems to fit well in your home. I would find it hard not to become attached when fostering an animal. I know several people who started out with that intention but ended up keeping the animals forever. If you are able to let go when the time comes, you are much stronger than I. Daughters really have a way, don't they?


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