Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Shutter Project

This post is recycled in more ways than one.  I showed this once before and have had several emails about the paint colours and method. Not sure why the sudden interest.  Perhaps it is floating around Pinterest.  Anyway, the shutter was a $10.00 find from The Lofty Lion in Lion's Head Ontario. It was pretty dusty when I bought it, and at the time, I had no idea what I was going to do with it.  I gave it a good hosing off and a soap and water wash, followed by a light sanding. I decided to make it a peg board for the bathroom at our now sold cottage.  It had pretty ugly wall tile and no hanging space.

I applied several layers of paint starting with Arsenic from Farrow and Ball. I gave it a quick and pathetic coat letting the brown paint show through.

Next, I added Farrow and Ball Light Blue, followed by a coat of Blackened.  I used only sample pots to keep the cost down.

As you can see the painting can be loose and carefree because you are going to sand most of it off.

Above and below you can see that I sanded the paint off leaving layers of the other colours to show through.

Then I added very simple chrome hooks from the local hardware store.  I left on the original shutter closure.

I then hung it horizontally on the wall securing it well with wall plugs and suitable sized screws.

It covered the miserable tiles somewhat and provided the perfect spot for hanging beach towels and nighties.


  1. I love this project.
    But every time I visit your site, I hate my own house more and more. Don't worry, it's not your fault.

  2. I missed it the first time somehow. It is unique as you hung it longways and most folks use shutters upright but you do think out side the shutter as it were.

  3. That looks really nice! I love the paint colours.

  4. Perfect and perfect spot indeed!

  5. OK- I'm with Mark on this... you're projects are always beautiful and without fail leave me gazing around my place wondering why artistic talent/the ability to be creative seems to have been left out of my genetic makeup!?!?!? Well done- Simply gorgeous! xoxo

  6. You make it look easy and inviting! Cool . . .

  7. Glad you are sharing this again, I haven't seen this one and I love it!


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