Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fashion Stylist

Photo Source http://styleblog.ca/2012/03/26/fash-weekly-april-2012-editorial-preview/

I am just so proud of my Girl Child who is about to graduate from college (again) in three weeks. Already a makeup artist, she returned to school to earn another Diploma, this time in Fashion Arts/Management. She's been doing a straight run of back to back semesters so she can graduate this April. 

Part of the process is securing an internship. Hers is with www.FashWeekly.com ....an online magazine based in Toronto. She has the enviable task of attending fashion events like Toronto Fashion Week, restaurant openings, launches of new lines etc. She gets a press pass, loot bags, free food and sometimes even champagne. All in return for writing articles about the event. Not a bad gig for a student. Recently she was the stylist for a photo shoot. That's her, the 4'11" blonde girl behind the (over 6' with heels) model during the shoot. And HERE is the entire shoot. She is listed as the shoot stylist in the credits. Good going Girl! 


  1. Wow! That's fantastic. Congratulations to her. Sounds like a dream job. Probably with a lot of it's own pressures too but if you love what you're doing, sometimes that doesn't matter.

  2. So cool! Ky is so talented and has such a good eye for fashion, she's gonna do great things! Loved all the pictures from the shoot :)

  3. That's wonderful! Congrats to your girl.

  4. Good for her!!! It sounds like she really deserves such a wonderful job...she's on her way to wonderful things and I'm happy for her that she gets to do what she loves.
    It's nice to hear someone young going for their dreams ~

    you must be a proud mamma. :)

  5. Good for her. What an exciting career without the pressure of being in front of the camera. My girl is the same height.

  6. Well Mama, you should be proud.
    Good for her!

  7. How exciting! You must be so proud! That's quite the cool gig - I'd love that job!

  8. No wonder you're proud! How fantastic to be involved like this in the industry that you love. x


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