Friday, April 13, 2012

Peak of the Week.

This is a typical Ontario farmhouse sadly on it's last legs.

I spotted this house last weekend near Orangeville.

I'm kinda glad this week is drawing to a close. It's been one of those weeks when it seems chaos reigns and things feel like they are falling apart. I'm fine, but I feel all around me, the people I love and care about are having a rough ride. Friends are battling illness, my dear mother in law has to go into a nursing home- as hard for my FIL as it is for her. Girl Child moves into temporary digs today after the flood. Her job interview turned out to be some kind of a shady scam - watch out if you post resumes on Monster. Luckily she did a bit of research, and knew it smelt beforehand and decided not to go. To top off her bad luck this week, something sentimental was stolen from her apartment during the disaster clean up. Everyone I see and talk to this week has had a crappy week. 

Maybe Friday the 13th will be the peak of the week.


  1. Hopefully the close of this week will bring much better things for all of you next week!
    I see a little irony in the the sides have collapsed but the part in the middle is still standing tall and beautiful....maybe there's comfort somehow in that? :)

    Best wishes that Friday the 13th is the best day of all! xo

  2. Sometimes it's just better to say goodbye to a day or week that just wasn't working and look forward to something better in the future. Wishing only better things for yours and your loved ones futures.

  3. Don't like hearing you are having a down week. The flood was ENOUGH! Hope the 13th brings some cheer!

  4. Sometimes the only good thing you can say about a day, is it is over..It works for weeks too.
    all of you should try to be kind to yourselves this weekend, in whatever way works..a latte, a movie, a good book, a good long nap...
    sending <3

  5. That house looks like a cross between 'Wizard of Oz' and 'Harry Potter'. Sorry about your week.

  6. week will be better...thinking of you!

  7. Oh that's no good! A very challenging week all round. I hope next week is much better.
    That poor old home :(

  8. We can only hope that Karma comes to bite the a$$ of the jerk who stole from your daughter. It is so disappointing when greed rules the lives of some and the result of that leaves us with mistrust in mankind. Could he not see that she had already suffered stress and loss? what a $#*%!


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