Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tribal Rug


I've been searching for a rug for my living room for a while now. I had a perfectly acceptable Indoor/outdoor rug in here that was purchased with the elderly dogs in mind, however now that I am pretty well dog free, I've been looking for something a little less "daycare" and more interesting. 

I am cautious about finding natural fibers for most things, so wool was a natural choice for the rug. Which led me to a tribal rug from an online source because there is nothing more tiring than looking in shops for an Indian or Middle Eastern rug. Literally hundreds of sizes, styles colors etc. which is exhausting. I found a company ecarpet gallery that offers free shipping in Canada and the USA, and searching enable me to eliminate colour categories, sizes and styles. My search criteria.
  • Thin - I have a french door that needs to open into the room
  • Vintage or older looking
  • Between 7 & 7.5' wide
  • At least 10' long
  • 100% wool
  • Inexpensive
  • No center medallion (can look dated and if your layout isn't symmetrical, it can make things look off.
I found one I loved with very little effort and it arrived yesterday. I couldn't wait to remove the existing rug and lay the new one down. My favorite thing about it is that it looks old. It has a worn and faded look, even though it is new. I have many of these Tribal rugs in my house and find them to be the best rugs for staying clean looking and ease of cleaning. My local cleaners have a service for washing, drying and stretching them back to shape. Which worked really well the time I took in a stray dog whom I fed, bathed, belly scratched, walked and watered, only to have him lift his leg and pee all over the one in the TV room. If you want to have a look, HERE is their link.


  1. It looks divine! I love your beautiful clean, crisp house. And the light!

  2. There is much to be said about a room/home that looks warm, comfy, stylish and real . . . YOURS! Love the rug . . . Wish you lived near . . .

  3. Looks fabulous Chania!
    Would love the name of your carpet cleaner. So difficult to find one, one can trust! We have lots of rugs in the house, and they take quite a beating.

  4. Chania, I have been looking at those rugs for 30 minutes. Fabulous prices and free shipping is hard to pass up. We need a dining room rug but as it is the entry way to our deck we may need indoor outdoor. I have wool there now and it is looking awful. Your tribal rug is lovely and grounds your white furniture. olive

  5. Love it Chania! Looks really great! Though I loved the other one that was there before too, but this one really looks great!

  6. it warms the whole place up rather nicely doesnt it?

  7. What is the name of the rug you purchased? It's beautiful.

  8. It looks gorgeous! Love the colour it adds to your space. How great that you can search with all your criteria in mind and find the perfect rug shipped to you for free :)

  9. I love that rug! Matter of fact I love your whole living room...stunning. Isn't ecarpet gallery incredible? We bought 3 rugs from them to date, persian wool rugs that we have in the dining and kitchen. They were such a deal and I love the fact that they are wool. Yours is a real beauty! They have a sister store too called ecgliquidation.

  10. The new rug looks fabulous in your living room. I like how it pulls together all the other bright pops of color and how it echoes the vibe of the pillows on the chairs.


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