Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Trade Only

Trade Only showrooms cater to Designers, Decorators and Architects, offering their products to the design trade for resale. It's a unique way of shopping and one that thrills me every time. The consultants in the trade showroom work for the designer, offering their knowledge of constructions, style and fabrics to assist the designer in selling their goods. Usually they have fabulous espresso and often have granola bars and fruit to boost the weary designer.  One of my favorite Trade shops is Gresham House In Oakville. All the pieces are made on site, frames are made locally, and all are bench made pieces of the utmost quality. Although it is for the trade, you can bring your clients in to sit on the pieces and view the finished ones in the back. I've never had a client who hasn't bought from me after showing them the craft that goes into the furniture here. 

At Gresham House, it's a sea of white floor samples. Every frame they make is on the floor in the various depths and widths so you can feel how they sit. Plus you can change around the seats to show clients how a standard vs feather vs down seat or backs will feel. One you select the frame, you move onto the fabrics. Walls of fabric samples and books provide endless selections. Once the fabric is chosen, the order is placed and 6 weeks later, Voila ! the most gorgeous and comfortable furniture and a happy client.

I am off today to meet with the consultant to finalize the fabrics, styles and prices for a whopping 10 pieces to go into their new home. I get as excited as they do. When a client wants quality pieces and has great taste and style, it makes my job really easy. 

I thought you make enjoy a peek into the showroom. 

My client is getting this day bed in a natural linen

They want this chair for the office


  1. Sold! I'll take one of everything!

  2. Omg that stuff is gorgeous. I'm really in to white furniture... Too bad E has two nephews under the age of 3 who come visit often, or else I would definitely love to have a white couch!

  3. Oooh that looks so interesting. I'd love to browse there. I'm looking for a small chair that will work with my new desk - a small version of a Queen Anne desk for my new office. So I need a smaller chair preferably with a rounded back. Do you think they have anything like that?

  4. Bet you love your job and better yet . . . I am sure you are good at it! Gorgeous pieces!!!

  5. Love everything! That chair for their office is gorgeous - I'd love 2 of those in my living room someday :)

  6. Wow I have never heard of these places that how Sarah Richardson get her stuff?

  7. You really do have a dream job. Thanks for the peek into the trade showroom. I would have such a hard time deciding with such beautiful pieces and you say hundreds of fabrics?? My favorite piece is the settee in the first photograph. I've been dreaming of one like it for a few years now.


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