Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Perfect Guest Part 2

The perfect guest....
  • Arrives with a whole flat of strawberries and makes a batch of jam
  • Brings a slab of peameal bacon, large eggs and a loaf of grainy bread and cooks everyone a lovely breakfast
  • Takes themselves for a long walk each day to give the host some breathing room
  • Makes their bed every morning
  • Gathers seashells for your collection
  • Takes the morning papers first
  • Brings someone along unexpectedly
  • Leaves the sheets on the bed when they leave
  • Takes home the leftovers that they brought with them
  • Changes the plans you have made for them
Being a guest is a wonderful a Perfect Guest and you'll be invited back. What makes the perfect guest for you to host?


  1. OOh great list! The perfect guest for me isn't disappointed when we cannot do everything on their to-do list, even though we are trying!

  2. I am out on #1 and #4 but comply with the rest. I do not like guests who argue about every topic and are always right. That annoys me.

  3. Oh man .... I cannot imagine a guest doing any of those on the Don't list ... but then, I remember a long time ago when we had a summer beach house and everyone and their friends would just show up on the weekend and expect to be fed and housed.
    And then someone would be pissy because someone did not wait on them properly.
    I no longer encourage guests other than the kids. I can still boss them around.

  4. Oh my ....its tricky being a host! ....these are all great !

  5. p.s. great the sheets!

  6. The best thing about living in the Okanagan is that all your friends and family visit - the worst thing about living in the Okanagan is that all your friends and family visit. I imagine having a holiday home in Florida is no different!

  7. I love the idea that they talk a long walk/break away from your house daily. If for no other reason than for you to use the bathroom in peace. Great list!

  8. great list. Under the Never, I'd like to add never take home the bottle of wine/alcohol you brought. My tacky ex- sister-law does this. How rude. She even asks for leftovers if she didn't bring a thing. How to handle?

  9. Great list. I would add with #2 that they tell you ahead of time that they are bringing the fixings for breakfast - otherwise you might already have bought all those things which is also a pain. I also like guests that jump at doing the dishes.

  10. Well I don't know about the strawberry part, but I'd try my best! Great thoughts and the don'ts are too true.

  11. Great list Chania - hard to add to it, but I always appreciate a guest settles in like family and pitches in where needed. And one who never says, "you don't have (blank)? I can't live without that!" Ann

  12. I've printed BOTH of these out Chania....You might not enjoy my efforts in the kitchen so much but I could make up for a not so scrumptious breaky & sickly jam with BOTTLES of wine & Southern Comfort....**wink**....!!!!!

    Have a WONDERFUL weekend when it reaches your side....!!

    Tamarah xx

  13. The perfect guest NEVER says I'm bringing this (chicken) so you can make me this (whatever chicken dish they want), and NEVER goes into the bathroom with all of their parapharnelia for an hour and a half. Clearly these people have not been invited back! Thankfully they are few. PS. I loved your soap idea.

  14. Great list. gosh, it appears that I haven't had many great guests! ; )
    I always appreciate a hand in the kitchen, either helping to prep or helping with cleanup afterwards. Then we can all sit back and enjoy the rest of the time together.

  15. Lovely list Chania. I agree completely. One thing that really bugs me is the guest that tries too hard.... over-compensating...."thank you thank you and oh i hope we have not been too much trouble...ohhhhh.... we are so happy that you.... this and that......"
    I am the host that wants people to work their way into the fabric if you know what I mean. Oh and that does mean the odd walk on their own or with partner to give me a bit of a break. That is just normal....I think.

  16. As Steven Tyler would say Chania "You nailed it!"

  17. To me, the perfect guest keeps me company while I'm cooking for the crowd. I don't necessarily need help (tho I won't refuse the offer!) but someone to chat with while I work would be wonderful!



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