Sunday, April 8, 2012

The White Girl Wobble

Kinda how we all feel this morning

Here we are, Easter Sunday morning. I'm the only one up. It's dead quiet in the house as it was a REALLY late night. The house is scattered with mixed debris. Shoes, overnight bags, cell phones and lap tops, plates and glasses. Someone's taken a bite from one of my 2 chocolate fish, gifted to me this weekend. The sour cream coffee cake has been polished off and it looks more like the weekend is over, not the most important day just beginning!

Easter weekend coincided with my birthday this year, so I've been honored with my children being home for the weekend along with 1 spouse, 1 friend, a sister in law and her boyfriend, so I have 6 "kids" here between the ages of 24 and 27.....and it's interesting to say the least. High energy.....loads of conversation, high food consumption and of course lots of wine, beer and fruity vodka drinks. They made yesterday "My Day" and took me downtown for a stroll, lunch, a little shopping and then cooked a big supper for us all. They all went out last night and since I have difficulty sleeping anyway, I offered to spare them the cab fare and picked them up from a bar which was met with lots of laughter and "I can't believe my mum is picking me up" conversations. It did feel a little reminiscent of their high school years. A detour on the way home for pizza to eat with a 2 am bottle of Prosecco, followed by an intense hour of trying to master the White Girl Wobble (as seen on YouTube HERE) and to bed so as to be rested enough to tackle the turkey this morning. The Impromptu gatherings are always the best. I can't say enough how much I love having a house full. I'm quite sad at my empty nest some of the time. But always grateful when we can all be together. I think there may be a few of us with a bit of a wobble this morning.

Happy Easter to all. 


  1. Pretty funny Chania!
    We celebrated on Friday with a 'fish and chips' dinner at my brother-and-sister-in-law's. It's a bit odd choosing Friday, but tight schedules and all the rest. It was wonderful to be together, especially since the young folk out-numbered us oldies. Their vibrancy and enthusiasm is contageous.
    Quiet day here today, just the two of us, a turkey-courgette chili with guacamole and the final round of the Masters. Happy Easter. Happy Spring. Happy Life!

  2. Ooops! And Happy Birthday too!

  3. Soooooo enjoy reading you . . . Happy Birtday Easter . . . I hope you aren't the one wobbling . . .

  4. sounds like fun!!! sure wish my kids were coming over today :o(

  5. Happy Birthday! The wobble looks like great fun...can't imagine at 2pm in the a.m. And after a few toddies! Good times!

  6. happy birthday Chania! I will tip a glass of Prosecco in your honour tonight before our Easter dinner celebrations begin. I think I might have been the one sinking my teeth into those chocolate fish....yummy!

  7. Happy Birthday and Happy Easter Chania. Sounds like you celebrated in high style and what fun to have all those "kids" at home. Ann

  8. Woot and and Happy Birthday and Happy Easter.

  9. Happy Easter Birthday!... having the kids home, it's a beautiful thing, isn't it?


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