Monday, April 2, 2012

Smitten- with Suzannah Tisue's work

It doesn't get more adorable than this guy.

Art mug by
I am totally smitten with these ceramic art pieces by Susannah Tisue of SKT Ceramics. As my readers already know, I am not a SHOPPING MALL girl. The best gift for me to give or receive is by far a handmade art or craft piece, or something vintage, worn or salvaged. For Easter I wanted to get my Special Girls (Girl Child and DIL) something special. When I saw these beautifully made ceramic cups, I knew they were just the thing. I ordered a few and decided to keep one for myself as I honestly can't part with them all.  

These pieces are a good size, nice and sturdy, with charming drawings on the front that are just so beautifully done. The bunny has a soft pale blue glaze and the bird the prettiest Robin's egg blue. Instead of mass produced offshore gifts, these make the perfect birthday, baby, Easter or anytime presents. Buy Local. Buy Handmade. Support the Arts...that's my motto. 

I can't show the 2 for the girls, but you can see by looking at Sweet Chickadee and Gorgeous Bunny, that I'm going to have a hard time deciding which to keep for my own desk. I am going to fill them with little chocolate eggs and gussy them up in cellophane and ribbons.(will post pics another day) You can visit Susannah Tisue's web shop HERE.


  1. I can see why you are smitten, now I am to check out her site!


  2. They're adorable! It will be hard to choose which one to keep.

  3. Absolutely beautiful! The bunny and the bird are so sweet. Your girls will be just as smitten, I'm sure. Best wishes to you, Tammy

  4. That is a tough one! I like the bunny but I also like the pale blue of the other. Geez, it's just like Sophie's Choice!

  5. I love her work! Thank you for sharing her link with us.


  6. both jars are quite lovely!
    I would love either"

  7. I took a photo of a bunny that looked much like this the other day down the block!

  8. Love the birds. I have been trying to shoots birds today. Hard as you know.

  9. Love, love love the two you have shown! Fabulous . . . going to the site NOW!

  10. Those are great. They are so creative. It is nice seeing something different. It is always fun to swing by and see what you are up too.

  11. Oh my. I think I'm smitten with the birdie glass. And yes, I would want to keep it at my desk close by.


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